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    1. HUMONGO

      HOW to APPLY for a MARYLAND Carry Permit

      I was pulled over for speeding by a MSP Trooper. Gave my W&C permit with my license and he was flummoxed. Younger guy, said it was the first one he saw. Gave me a warning for 43 in a 25. ETA- Got mine as a legislator
    2. HUMONGO

      Malpasso vs Pallozzi 18-2377

      4/25 it was dismissed as they can't overturn Woolard. Oral arguments were dispensed with.
    3. HUMONGO

      HOW to APPLY for a MARYLAND Carry Permit

      Good luck. What basis are you applying on?
    4. HUMONGO

      HOW to APPLY for a MARYLAND Carry Permit

      MIne asked if I could come in to the Belair Barracks. I didn't protest. I live in Havre de Grace and Northeast would have been easier, but Belair was fine. I came in, he walked out to the lobby as soon as I came in (15 minutes early) and called be name, then asked for ID, which I found humorous...
    5. HUMONGO

      How Long Did Your HQL Approval Take?

      Applied Tuesday at around 1030. Showed a co-worker how to use the system at noon and was already approved.
    6. HUMONGO

      HOW to APPLY for a MARYLAND Carry Permit

      The license says to contact the MD Gun Center before "Law Enforcement Action". This is so there is no varying of what conducting business, etc. means...
    7. HUMONGO

      HOW to APPLY for a MARYLAND Carry Permit

      "Assumed Risk, but not run of the mill
    8. HUMONGO

      HOW to APPLY for a MARYLAND Carry Permit

      I mailed mine 3/20. At Post Office 3/21. Picked up 3/22. Cashed check 3/26. Called references 3/27. Called me 3/28. Interview 3/29. Was told to expect 2 weeks to a month. I'm at 2 and a half weeks now.
    9. HUMONGO

      Utah + Florida + Virginia

      The above is why I'm waiting for my Utah permit to arive.
    10. HUMONGO

      Kolbe v O'Malley Sheduling Order

      Hey, I know Steve Kolbe. Good guy.
    11. HUMONGO


      "Restaurant" strikes me as a hopolophobe with an irrational fear of firearms. I understand that not everyone has an intricate knowledge of firearms, but I think he/she could benefit from one of you SoMD boys taking them to the range for some friendly instruction. I'm not saying that they...
    12. HUMONGO

      Comments on Trusts

      I hit it, now I'm on another list.
    13. HUMONGO

      38 spl +P reloads

      I cast my own 158gr SWCs over 3.7gr of Green Dot. Book says it's +p, but it's a really pussycat and a pleasure to shoot.
    14. HUMONGO

      current ATF wait time

      No, you have the wrong mindset. That's the way it is, accept it? Should we feel the same way about Shall Issue in MD? It's beyond comprehension that it takes upwards of a year to process an "application for tax paid" after they cash the check. If it's the background check holding it up...
    15. HUMONGO

      Was told at range my Busmaster XM15 was Banned

      I once had a bystander Harford County Deputy insist that a face to face sale of the 22/.410 I was buying was illegal. Couldn't convince him otherwise and just kept on with the sale. The seller DGAF and much like your experience, he made another statement that it was illegal, then got in his ride...
    16. HUMONGO

      Walmart getting tricky?

      I'm fully supportive of this.
    17. HUMONGO

      Zimmerman Trial: Tired of media bias? See gun-friendly legal coverage

      But he can still be disbarred for witholding evidence during the discovery process...
    18. HUMONGO

      Woollard: Petition For Rehearing En Banc Denied.

      No wonder it took them so long to apply. That's some heavy reading. I especially like the inclusion of Shuttlesworth.
    19. HUMONGO

      Woollard: Petition For Rehearing En Banc Denied.

      I sure as hell hope so.
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