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    1. gtodave

      need a boat seat pad made

      that's a great idea, thanks
    2. gtodave

      need a boat seat pad made

      Thanks. I had him quote a mooring cover for my other boat, and he came back at like $3k. I'll have him do the headliner in my GTO, but I'll look for cheaper options for other stuff. Thanks. Did you drop stuff off/pick up from him? That's a long way for me to go.
    3. gtodave

      need a boat seat pad made

      That's just furniture cushions, but thanks for the link. Got me thinking, and I found this place: Vinyl is pretty inexpensive but the foam is quite costly. Now I just need MG plywood and stainless fasteners.
    4. gtodave

      need a boat seat pad made

      Nothing complex...just a seat pad to screw down on top of a livewell on a new-to-me boat. It just needs to be plywood, foam, and camo material. Roughly 12"x20". Do I need a custom shop to make this or are they aftermarket somewhere? I searched Overton's and BassPro but didn't come up with...
    5. gtodave

      Ocean shitty

      Special event zone law says nothing about modifications, only speeding, racing, or noise: Now, it would be entirely possible that they're taking the "noise" part and applying it to any modified exhaust. That would be totally on course for OC PD.
    6. gtodave

      Who's getting in some fishing?

      Illegal to kill terrapins
    7. gtodave

      Tristar ATAC @ the AGC

      file/polish that mofo out. I've done it on a couple of guns. Works great.
    8. gtodave

      Little magnetic rubber pads...what do you call them?

      No, it's helpful though when you have a 12lb gun and you're waiting on 4 other people to shoot.
    9. gtodave

      Trump visits a gun store in SC

      Sorry, but it's way more than "brianless sheep" that think Trump is an a-hole. WAAYYYY more. Hell, some people even like him for that very reason. He IS a raging a-hole. It's part of his schtick.
    10. gtodave

      Who says firearms are banned in the UK?

      Ironically it is super easy to hunt with a silencer there. I guess they understand the benefit of diminishing loud noises.
    11. gtodave

      Smith for Remington 1100

      Neighbor had his do the same thing. 50yo gun. Sent it to Remington. They fixed it, gave him a new butt pad and a box of ammo for free
    12. gtodave

      Hawaii butterfly knife ban violates Second Amendment

      I don't. I blame dumb-a$$ politicians who have to "do something" reactionary after watching a fictional movie. So if it's in your pocket (like almost all knives are) you are concealing it, and it is illegal.
    13. gtodave

      Quick Mag Unload

      ATF gonna try to say they just made a machine gun in 5, 4, 3 ,2......
    14. gtodave

      Biggest fish caught using your lightest rod, reel, and line setup

      That's a HUGE fish. GA (and world) record is 22lbs, and was 32" long.
    15. gtodave

      Ex DC cop wants AR15's banned

      I THOUGHT I recognized his name! He has now taken douche to the level of extreme. What a clown. I hope he finds this thread and reads it.
    16. gtodave

      Biggest fish caught using your lightest rod, reel, and line setup

      Smooth butterfly ray I believe
    17. gtodave

      Biggest fish caught using your lightest rod, reel, and line setup

      I WILL catch a tarpon one day. That is my mission. Nice fish! Here's a couple of mine: 20lb test line on a surf rod: several this size and a little bigger This guy took a loooong time to come in Hooked in to a bigger one that same day. Here he is on a run while I hold on. Eventually i had...
    18. gtodave

      Ex DC cop wants AR15's banned

      Anyone ever work with this a$$hole? Brief summary: "I was a cop so I know things. AR-15's bad, Mmm-Kayyy? I know because I own one. No, I won't get rid of mine even though I'm not a cop anymore, but...
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