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    1. WTB Polytech M14 - $1300?

      Wanted WTB Polytech M14 - $1300?

      Not much to say except I'm looking for a Poly Technologies M-14/S in 7.62x51 NATO. Not too sure on what they go for but I'm open to being informed (especially with offers.) I can drive about an hour in any direction. $1300 plus I cover the transfer fee? I'm okay with beat up guns so long as the...
    2. Eastwind

      Feedback posted by Eastwind on ericoak

      No complaints. Willing to meet up locally and also fixed a mistake on my end with something I forgot to give him.
    3. SLR-106F

      For sale SLR-106F

      *I had a buyer for just the scope until they fell through today. It's once again available with the sight unless someone else decides to buy it. I'll include it with the rifle at a significant discount. Looking for an MD legal 5.56 AK that won't lose headspace after a few magazines? This is...
      $2,500.00 to $2,800.00
    4. Eastwind

      ATF pistol brace amnesty vs. MD law

      If your first thought about this news is considering the 29” OAL rule, the $200 tax waiver, and SBR engraving… then you’re a part of the problem.
    5. Arsenal SLR-106FR

      Reply to question by 'Eastwind' on the classified ad 'Arsenal SLR-106FR'

      Guess I'll see if I get any nibbles then get back to you. I'll just have to think about it because if I don't sell the rifle then I think I'd like to keep everything with it... at least for now.
    6. Arsenal SLR-106FR

      For sale Arsenal SLR-106FR

      EDIT: Willing to sell at about 2500 without the optic. Hello everyone, I'm moving on to other projects and as much as I hate to do it, I think I'm going to have to part ways with this. It's definitely my favorite gun but I don't shoot it and I know other people would enjoy it much more. This...
    7. Psak74 for fn ar

      Question by 'Eastwind' on classified ad 'Psak74 for fn ar'

      Do you actually have an FFL in this state that's willing to transfer a firearm currently on the MSP's banned list?
    8. Eastwind

      Feedback posted by Eastwind on Red1917

      Easy to talk to, smooth transaction. No complaints here. Thanks again!
    9. Eastwind

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      9/30 approved. I'm not going to bother tracking the efficiency of the USPS. Good luck everyone
    10. Eastwind

      SP5 Modifications for SBR?

      Do let us know! Thank you as well.
    11. Eastwind

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Pretty much same here. 7/31 applied 8/4 accepted 9/17 nics # and date 9/21 corrections letter Waiting
    12. Eastwind

      Support MDS Karma - 1 oz ASE and $75 gift card GIVEAWAY

      I'm in. Thanks!
    13. M9 Beretta *price dropped x2*

      For sale M9 Beretta *price dropped x2*

      Hello everyone, Edit 2: Sold pending funds. Just did it off of first come first serve but all of the offers were about the same price. If it falls through then on to the next. Thanks everyone. Edit: Don’t be afraid to send an offer! You will not offend me. I'm looking to move on to something...
    14. Eastwind

      MSP Got one... Instructor caught cutting corners, permits invalidated.

      That makes two of us. Years of hard work and earning as many scholarships as I could. Not much I can do about it now- except get mad about it on a gun forum!
    15. Eastwind

      MSP Got one... Instructor caught cutting corners, permits invalidated.

      You’re assuming I had to borrow. Upset you didn’t get any Biden bucks? :( Your post history says otherwise. You all seem to be helping eachother just fine!
    16. Eastwind

      MSP Got one... Instructor caught cutting corners, permits invalidated.

      Holy shit this thread is great. I heard someone say something about helping poor people? Do broke college students count?
    17. Eastwind

      ATF Coming After Firearms with Stabilizing Braces

      Sure, they might not hold a gang banging drug dealer with a federal warrant, but an otherwise law-abiding, office-working, suburban gun owner? HA! Kiss your ass goodbye.
    18. Eastwind

      Collapsable HK Stock Build

      That looks amazing. Would you be interested in doing this as a service for paying customers? Unfortunately OP seems to have disappeared.
    19. Eastwind

      How did you do on B27 for MSP HGP course of fire

      The test was very easy. I took a beater gun just to make it more interesting. I think my groupings were better with the added “stress.” Forced me to focus more than I would while plinking.
    20. Eastwind

      Application progress banter thread

      Maybe not a lot of MDshooters, but I’d wager a large portion of the general population were slower to get their training and applications in than people on this forum. My guess is that the wait times will only get worse until at least next year.
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