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    1. R

      canik tp9sf few questions

      I have two canik's, great guns. I have a Rival I use some in IDPA and USPSA. This gun is as good as anything on the market from a performance aspect but it's a lot less expensive. I do think it's a little on the ugly side. I also have a Mete SF, it's basically a smaller version of the Rival...
    2. R

      What is the best pistol for IDPA / USP ?

      IDPA SSP will be guns vary close to stock with iron sights. ESP basically allows upgrades including magwells etc. CO is ESP but with a optic CCP is ESP but with smaller guns Bug is ESP but with tiny guns CDP is 45 ACP only USPSA Production, is striker guns and DA/SA guns CO is Production with...
    3. R

      Ocean city carry

      With SB1 will we need to leave our knives, brass knuckles and nunchuks home too? Or does it just apply to handguns specifically. I read it, but wasn't thinking about that while reading it. Not that I carry nunchuks anyway.
    4. R

      What is the best pistol for IDPA / USP ?

      I'll add a little more, staying away from a thick grip. Look at the Walthers, I hear their grips are on the small side. CZ's are a good choice and you can change the grips to fit you better. I might stay away from the 320 legion. Most other guns these days you can swap back straps to help fit...
    5. R

      What is the best pistol for IDPA / USP ?

      This is a pretty loaded question, and the division you want to shoot with in those sports would make a big difference too. But, I'd look at Canik first, you can get a TP9SFX for like 400, or a rival for like 600, and a steel rival for 900. Solid choices. Some version of the 320 is good. The...
    6. R

      SB1 (2023) - Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

      These threads do get really side tracked and bloated making it hard to figure out what's going on. Usually going back to the last 3-5 pages you can figure it out.
    7. R

      Did she bring gun to school because she was afraid?

      Women can get vary protective over children.
    8. R

      Longer T-Shirts for CCW

      Well, I work in VA so I'll still be able to carry 80% of the time.
    9. R

      Longer T-Shirts for CCW

      I actually just ordered a shirt from them to try.
    10. R

      Longer T-Shirts for CCW

      Summer is coming need more T-shirts. I must have a long torso, I'm not tall, only like 6' and about 200 lbs. But even 2xl shirts only hang down about a inch below my belt. Doesn't really take much to expose my gun. I probably just need to buy from the big and tall sections I guess. Anyone have...
    11. R

      SB1 (2023) - Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

      Things that come to mind reading this. When I was younger I was into cars, I can remember taking my GF (now wife) places in my car and she said something about people staring at my car. I said she was crazy. Where people really looking at my car and I'd just been ignoring it? Or was she really...
    12. R


      I got a email back from Schmidt saying he opposed it.
    13. R

      CCW Recommendations for Mom

      I like the ez. But as someone mentioned grip safety, and also they can be easier to limp wrist. Worth shooting one before buying one.
    14. R

      Most popular Guns for Conceal Carry

      Surprise the guns they sell the most are the cheapest guns.
    15. CZ P-01 Omega

      Reply to question by 'Racinready300ex-2' on the classified ad 'CZ P-01 Omega'

      Oop, it's both. Currently set up as a decocker but comes with a safety.
    16. R

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      I just picked up a xmacro grip, I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm waiting on a holster and I'll start carrying with it. Worst part is needing to mags and holsters. Maybe I'll try to sell some of my XL mags to offset some of the cost. Over the weekend I shot a XL slide on a xmacro grip side by...
    17. CZ P-01 Omega

      For sale CZ P-01 Omega

      This is a lightly used CZ P01 Omega. It's been shot a couple hundred rounds or so. Gun has a couple small upgrades installed. Cajun Gun works extended firing pin, light firing pin spring, and firing pin retaining pin. Light trigger return spring and a 15 lbs hammer spring. I'll include a couple...
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