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    1. midcountyg

      In the search for 5.7 x 28mm ammo!!

      Got some FN brand blue tip in stock
    2. midcountyg

      300 aac blackout

      An old thread, from before the AAC craze
    3. midcountyg

      Santa Monica Shooter Built His Own AR

      Isn't it convienent that in a time when government is trying to find a way to end the 80% movement, a violent crime is publicized with one involved. Sorta like the Sandyhook shooting months after the election, and despite the lack of real proof them saying it was a 'Bushmaster' used. Just food...
    4. midcountyg

      Non designated collector question.....

      This is true. Often you are approved, but they just haven't 'gotten around' to sending out your letter. Aside from that, they said they have no problem with us submitting the applications 30 days apart due to all the delay. The ones doing the paperwork understand the the mess going on, and are...
    5. midcountyg

      Cecil County Proposed Resolution?

      I like what they are doing, and they may be first to put such in writing. How ever, it is not a new idea. Other counties are looking at similar approaches, as they rightfully should. I only have one minor thing with it. Why to they specifically limit fully automatic firearms from it. Under the...
    6. midcountyg

      sb281 and ar10s and Hbars

      As far as your last paragraph goes? It is because MSP has changed their stance on this issue several times, depending on who was in charge of the firearms section at the time. Several years ago I personally was told only the exact copies of the Colt Competition Hbar fell in to the exemption...
    7. midcountyg

      Billet AR-15 80% Kit $219

      Hey guys, if you are interested in 80%, check out my threads over in industry partners. I think you will like it.
    8. midcountyg

      80% Lower Prototypes

      I am working on that. See my thread over in industry partners. The 100% option is the FO-15. I will let everyone guess what FO stands for.
    9. midcountyg

      WTB: .300 AAC Blackout ammo

      It's not cheap, but I have about 300 rounds of supersonic Remington match grade. Pm me if interested.
    10. midcountyg

      Att: DINOs and PAC targeters

      Just because they voted against the final bill, it doesn't mean they are not against us. Pay closer attention to the votes for common sense amendments. There you will see that all of them must go. Many democrats were given permission to vote against the bill to make it look like they supporter...
    11. midcountyg

      To our sb281 Patriots and Heroes!!!

      Thanks to everyone who has and/or will be participating in this fight! It was nice seeing many MSI buttons and MDS stickers in Annapolis these past couple months, and meeting so many people with such devotion to stand up for what is right. Special thanks to people like Patrick and Terratos who...
    12. midcountyg

      Fly your Gadsden!

      I would make them fine me at least once, but that is just how I am.
    13. midcountyg

      Fly your Gadsden!

      I went a little farther then just flying my flag.
    14. midcountyg

      IPs Post SB281

      Will lead to me closing shop. It's not worth the trouble if I can't sell what is now 90% of my business.
    15. midcountyg

      How do dealers get around the 30 day NICS transfer requirement

      4473 is for Federal use only, and has nothing to do with MSP. The 30 days is for the NICS check, which is what we are waiting for from MSP. When they get the check, 30-40 days after forms are sent in, it is passed on to the dealer. The 30 day clock starts when the Nics check results are given...
    16. midcountyg

      Anyone have AR 15 lowers in stock

      You can find info on ordering my FO15 stripped lowers in my 80% lower thread. Or you can buy an 80% and complete it yourself. All the info is there in the thread. And if anyone is wondering why the stripped lowers model starts with letters FO, just look at my avatar.
    17. midcountyg

      US Senate Bill 54 Makes it a Federal Crime for violating a State Gun law.

      Sad to say, but I feel that's the only way things will ever be right again.
    18. midcountyg

      Frosh for attorney general?

      Everyone register as a Democrat, and let us ruin his career along with all the other 2A opponents careers in the mid term elections, starting in the primaries.
    19. midcountyg

      SB281 Real Time Discussion Thread

      Referendum would be our last chance. At that point it would be a law if it didn't go, so we would have nothing left to loose. It would also be in the mid term election, which is always a lower turn out. If pro 2a people would all register to vote, we could beat it there.
    20. midcountyg

      WBAL-TV 11 needs a smackdown...

      Secret lobbying huh? He extended an open invitation to educate people on what they are voting about. Branch is an asshat and he has a right to his opinion, thanks to the second amendment. Well I just hope enough of them were open minded and learned the truth about the rifles, and will remember...
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