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    1. pk64f100

      FSA2013 Compliant Rifles

      Thanks for the info I apreciate the info just what I needed to hear. This is a nice rifle but I finally was able to purchase the SCAR 17S so i really don't need this anymore eventhough it is a very nice rifle for range days.
    2. pk64f100

      FSA2013 Compliant Rifles

      Does anyone know if the FNAR 308 light barrel is banned in Md, without a magazine? Thinking of selling mine to a coworker and just don't know if we will be able to. Thanks
    3. pk64f100

      Delaware the next to fall?

      Hope for the best I have been waiting for a day off to go switch my lic offer to Delaware after purchasing my retirement home in souther delaware. I really hope it does not follow Md, I live in one of the few conservative locations in md left and our state laws really suck now. Luckily W. va is...
    4. pk64f100

      Selling a rifle to Oregon resident / FFL dealer

      What are the laws for a md resident to sell a rifle to a resident in oregon. I have a semi-auto rifle that I am selling the person in Oregon has given me their FFL dealer's info. What do I have to do to make this happen (do I need to go thru my FFL delaer or just send to theirs, do I need to...
    5. pk64f100

      Of all the modern handguns, why trust your life with a 1911?

      1911 tried & true I would never think twice about grabbing my 1991's and going to the shit. I love my Ruger P345, fits my big ass hands and never have had any FTF or FTE, this is my other go to handgun of choice. I keep the Ruger next to my bed & the LCP on my wife's side but when the dog...
    6. pk64f100

      Feedback posted by pk64f100 on EarnestT

      buyer was prompt and easy to deal with. Thanks +++
    7. pk64f100

      Feedback posted by pk64f100 on EarnestT

      Great seller! Met me at a convenient location +++
    8. pk64f100

      Feedback posted by pk64f100 on EarnestT

      very good seller. went out of his way to meet me. thanks. +++
    9. pk64f100

      Feedback posted by pk64f100 on NIK

      Doesn't respond to emails, PMs, or Commitment to Buy Emailed, PM'd, committed to buy on multiple items. Two weeks, and never responded to anything.
    10. pk64f100

      Feedback posted by pk64f100 on Alea Jacta Est

      Thanks much Great deal. Easy to work with.
    11. pk64f100

      Mossberg 590A1 + magpul stock = amazing!

      2 Mossberg 590's Here are two of my Mossbergs; one is a Marine coated tactical stock, site, shell holder. Second is a 590 it said when I purchased from BUDSGUNS. I think it is a 590A1 with a front grip that has lite built in very nice with heat sheild and it came like this, I really do not want...
    12. pk64f100


      FNH I like that set up very nice, my next purchase will be the FNX, just bought a SCAR 17S and still recovering financially! Nice piece!
    13. pk64f100

      Feedback posted by pk64f100 on ebxgsxr

      smooth transaction :thumbsup::party29:
    14. pk64f100

      For sale Silver Bear .380 ACP, 94 Grain FMJ Ammo. 500 rounds

      I have boxes of .380 ammo NIB and will sell for $125 for 500 rounds or $250 for 1,000 rounds. Thse come in boxes of 50 per box.
    15. pk64f100

      For sale Federal 380 auto 3 boxes of 50 rounds

      3 boxes of Federal 380 auto for $55.
    16. pk64f100

      long blade as survival weapon?

      Great price and good knife. Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Knife
    17. pk64f100

      Archangel Mosin Nagant tactical stock and Timeny trigger

      Stock is beyond repair To answer question, I purchased the rifle with this in mind stock is not repairable. I like projects and have another 53 which is my keeper.
    18. pk64f100

      Archangel Mosin Nagant tactical stock and Timeny trigger

      trigger article I will look for the article to see exactly what it said.
    19. pk64f100

      C&R lic question

      How dirfficult is it to get a C&R lic in Md? Is it something that costs alot of & and does it take a great deal of time and energy? I need to know if it is really worth me applying for one. It seems like a great idea since I am starting to get into older firearms and would like to start...
    20. pk64f100

      Archangel Mosin Nagant tactical stock and Timeny trigger

      I purchased a Msin nagant Archangel stock to build a tactical rifle which comes with a 5 round magazine and 10 round can be ordered which i will be doing as soon as I build rifle with new stock. I read that if I purchase a new trigger the rifle can operate in semi auto mode does this really...
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