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    1. Wahama90

      What did you do at your reloading bench today?

      Powder Valley had it last week.
    2. Wahama90

      What did you do at your reloading bench today?

      I got this in the mail today. Lucky for me because I bought 2800 rounds of 22lr, and 100 12 gauge shells today. When I brought them in the house I put them with the unpacked powder. My wife doesn't have a clue what didn't come in the mail today.
    3. Wahama90

      Lead for sale link

      This seemed like it might be of interest to some of you guys on the Eastern Shore, it's 100 lb of lead duck decoy weights for $75.
    4. Wahama90

      What prep items did you get recently?

      I picked up a couple unopened boxes of Mare's for $120 total.
    5. Wahama90

      What did you do at your reloading bench today?

      I picked this up for $20 off the marketplace.
    6. Wahama90

      Small Rifle primers

      I don't have a grain to my name so I took what I could get.
    7. Wahama90

      Small Rifle primers

      Powder valley has powder in stock right now
    8. Wahama90

      Cash on hand ?

      I pay for everything with a credit card, I have the Upromise credit card and it's earned over $13,000 for my kids college. Even if it's a pack of gum it goes on the card. I pay it off every month in full so there's never interest. On the other hand I always have a substantial amount of cash on...
    9. Wahama90

      Titan Fitness competition bench $120 shipped

      I just picked up some dumbbells off of Offerup last week, 1220 lbs for $35.
    10. Wahama90

      Yard sale haul

      There was an ad on offerup that was $35 for some dumbbells that was over a month old. I sent them a message and after a month they responded that they still had them. They moved in and these were left behind and they just wanted to get rid of them. So after numerous trips to the truck I'm...
    11. Wahama90

      Group Buy? (Not for Poors)

      At least there's no credit card fee.
    12. Wahama90

      Pistol powders

      PM sent
    13. Wahama90

      The Barter Thread

      I can do 500 of the 500's.
    14. Wahama90

      Feedback posted by Wahama90 on dementlr

      Great Sale I am never disappointed when meeting a new fellow mdshooters member. Simple sale, good communications.
    15. Wahama90

      AR Lowers

      Try this spot It's not right next door to you, but you'll save some money even after the gas.
    16. Wahama90

      Current WV status ?

      They get to fish without a license for the next month as long as you are a WV resident.
    17. Wahama90

      What prep items did you get recently?

      I only have to go to work every other day now so I had some time to gather some things this week. I picked up about 15 lbs of dry beans, 20 lbs rice, flour, sugar, yeast. Both fridges and freezers are packed. Some extra ammo for the handguns. I also bought a metal trash can at Lowe's, we've...
    18. Wahama90

      Calvert County School Safety Meeting

      My wife doesn't even have a door in her classroom.
    19. Wahama90

      OFFICIAL Black Friday Cyber Monday deals thread

      They are $69.99,but you will get a $30 rebate per bucket up to 3 buckets.
    20. Wahama90

      The OFFICIAL 2015 Bambi Whacking Picture Thread

      I should have taken a picture of the tree branch that landed at my feet after some dumb ass shot over the ridge where me and my 4 year old were.
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