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      Ground blind and critters

      Thanks for the tips y'all Thought the pegs were a joke. Am planning on getting the screw in type. I guess my biggest fear was squirrels chewing on it and putting holes in the fabric.
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      The "Sun is Setting Between the Trees" Again!

      I pulled the firewood wagon up to the house this eve and it reminded me of this thread.
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      Ground blind and critters

      I just bought my first ground blind and will be setting it out soon. It will be in a hedgerow where squirrel use quite a bit. Should I leave a door open so squirrels and such can go as they please? Or shut the door and take a chance they wont chew a hole to get in? Do I just plan on replacing...
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      Who's getting in some fishing?

      Just an FYI I pulled something in my back years ago. I layed on a heating pad and the next day the pain was so bad I had it checked out. The Doc told me the worst thing you can do with a new injury is give it heat. You are supposed to ice it the first day, alternate heat and ice the second day...
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      Gun safe

      Gotcha Thanks
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      Gun safe

      I love my Liberty safe, but would have never bought it if I knew what their policies were.
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      white tail deer hunting (firearms) - november

      I will second this
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      Cranesville Rd shooting

      Does anybody have any first hand knowledge about the man shot and killed on Cranesville Rd? I heard a rumor, but dont want to pass on false info.
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      Have you ever been called out for carrying?

      I was in my bank the other day to cash in some coins. I had a question about CDs. The teller had me go over to a desk where a Manager was working. I sat down and we chatted for 15 mins or so. When I stood up ,I noticed her looking at my waist area. I know I was printing and I know thats what she...
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      Hunting for the first time

      Dont rely on gadgets . Basic things will get you deer. You will not fool a deer's nose. Learn how to use wind direction to your benefit. Set yourself up to be in the shadows at all times. Have something big behind you to break up your outline. Stay as still and quiet as possible. Dont let metal...
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      Biggest fish caught using your lightest rod, reel, and line setup

      Fishing for flounder and croaker in the Pocomoke Sound I hooked up with a ray. I was using medium weight UglyStik ,basic Shimano spinning reel with #12 lb mono. Took 45 mins but got it in the boat. We estimated it to be around 40 lbs. When cicadas are here, we catch tons of carp. Using...
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      Anybody Notice the Tree Leaves Turning

      If we get some decent rain soon, the fall colors will be disappointing.
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      Cover MD Guide to Hunting & Trapping

      Wish I would have thought about that
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      Cover MD Guide to Hunting & Trapping

      Maybe I didnt get that vibe tho.I think they genuinely wanted to see what hunting is all about.
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      Cover MD Guide to Hunting & Trapping

      About 10 yrs ago,I was in Fla wearing a Duck Dynasty tee shirt. I had 2 different black women comment on my shirt. They both said they liked the show and wished they had someone to take them hunting. I felt bad for them knowing the odds of that happening were slim. Both worked at the resort ,so...
    16. R

      Holy bat shit

      True story Years ago a bunch of us were fishing off the Beckleysville Bridge at Prettyboy trying to catch crappies. Once it was dark,I starthed casting a Jitterbug near the shore. Something hit the lure on back to back casts ,but didnt hook up. I reeled up to make another cast and could hear a...
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      Federal Ammunition rips Minnesota DNR for lead ammo ban

      Just spray paint your lead bullets with copper colored Krylon Problem solved
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      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      The first time a law abiding citizen uses theirs in self defense, is when the first charges will be filed.....mark my words
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      Who's getting in some fishing?

      Nice !!! What were you catching them on? Last time I had a day like that, we were drifting hellgrammites
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      Previous Gun Ownership Polls Appear To Be Wrong....Who Would Have Guessed That

      I have never been asked by a doctor, but a friend told me the other day that his asked him if he owned any. He said his answer was "Well....this is Carroll Co " I told him he should have asked the doc if he owned any sex toys.He said " Damn.......wish I would have thought of that "
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