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      Windham HBAR

      this is probably the best advice you'll find on this site. :thumbs-up:
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      Data Recovery needed

      put the hard drive in a working machine and use the free version (google for 5.5.1) of Easus data recovery wizard. I was able to recover all of my data from a completely hosed ntfs disk....over a year's worth of SQL server scripts. pm me if you need more info.
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      Vermont range bans police...

      Let the local government build their own range for the cops. The private club is under NO obligation to allow undesirable people into their range. They have deemed the police in the area to be undesirable. The majority of cops I see in carroll county are cocky, joe-tactical-wannabe's who...
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      Had a visitor tonight...

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      C&R arrived, how to tell the world?

      congrats and enjoy
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      why did the chicken cross the road? Because the Maryland Attorney General was trying to F* it !
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      Originally Posted by Boxcab "Scary guns.. blah,blah... for the Children... blah, blah... blood in the streets, running into the Bay... blah, blah... rising crime... blah, blah... flying unicorns... blah, blah... kittens... blah, blah... shoot your eye out... blah, blah... Brady this, Brady...
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      surplus guns

      you might want to try calling Brad @ Brownstone Trading company in Westminster. If he can't help you, he can probably point you in the right direction
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      c4 and Anderson are doing nothing positive for this cause. my .02
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      AR15 stripped lower

      just a bit high...last time I was in there, the least expensive stripped lower (cmmg I think) was around 130....
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      AR15 stripped lower

      if price is a consideration, gun connection won't help you. why don't you get into the lower group buy going on ?
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      VZ.58 receivers, Regulated or Not?

      Lou at Shooters Discount will take care of you! see post above. really nice guy and he'll be at the silverado show this weekend.
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      Carroll county crew meet.

      I believe they have a boresighter @ Hap
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      NUG on the Web Site

      Not MI (but my brother is @ Ft. Huachuca) signal corps here
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      NUG on the Web Site

      welcome to the forum, Top glad to have you.
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      Is the big show on the 29-30th in PA Gettysburg going to be good?

      I loved seeing that anti-tank gun and the M-60 After lugging one of those around while I was stationed in Germany, nice to see the old girl again. Anyway, They had some good prices on certain things, some extremely high prices on any other show. Like someone else asked, "What...
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      Just Guns in Parkville

      Wish I could get a cool vest with a big AGENT patch on the back. Oh yeah, I can!
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      Just Guns in Parkville

      Just Guns is full of A$$Clowns wearing sidearms. I have been there a few times, but now I will go to Christian Soldier. I too have gotten the C&R pistol speech from Secret Squirrel. "Secret agent man Secret agent man They've given you a number, and taken away your name."......
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      You can get Yugo 59/66's with cracked stocks from SOG for 189 + shipping.
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      dead coyote on I83 last night

      I use Monster Energy Drink for bait
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