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    1. PresentArms

      Rock Island 9mm 1911 Tactical Sale!!

      I recently picked one up and love it
    2. PresentArms

      New-S&W M&P 22 Compact

      Its on my list once it gets approved, I kinda like it
    3. PresentArms

      .22lr SALE $3.99/box

      I think the supply of 22 ammo is making a come back. I think the horders have over stocked themselves, and the capitalist are not moving as much as they use to, therefore leaving some on the shelf.
    4. PresentArms

      Stainless media cleaner

      Wet tumble it's like new brass.
    5. PresentArms

      Federal .22LR at PSA

      Man I hope that's not the new nomal for when it comes back
    6. PresentArms

      Powder to trade

      I have a pound of Blue Dot would love to have a pound of Red Dot or Unique I'm in Middle River White Marsh area.
    7. PresentArms

      In Stock NOW!

      Today 22 lr in stock Cabelas Christiana Mall Delaware the Winchester 222 pack they had a good supply two box limit
    8. PresentArms

      Garage Sale Reloading Equipment

      Nice find for 30.00 bucks
    9. PresentArms

      Stainless media cleaner

      There's a couple you tube video using a Harbor Freight dual rock tumbler and the stainless pins and the brass is awesome looking, they use Lemi Shine and water tumble a couple hours. For drying they put it in a cloth bag and hang it on the dryer door so when its closed it lays against the inside...
    10. PresentArms

      Trust Checking Accounts

      First National Bank they use to be Balto county savings bank. No problems ,and all is free even the first 50 checks
    11. PresentArms

      Brass trade thread.

      I have 1000 or more 40 S&W once fired brass most WIN head stamped will trade for 9mm.. Eastern Baltimore County
    12. PresentArms

      What's your next gun purchase?

      I just picked up my Rock Island 1911 in 9mm, can't wait to take it out tomorrow
    13. PresentArms

      .22 LR Ammo

      The Gun Shop in Essex has plenty. Not sure of price
    14. PresentArms

      Feedback posted by PresentArms on Boondock Saint

      Quick and easy transaction. Excellent communication. A very smooth transaction. Do not hesitate to do business with this long time member of the MDS community.
    15. PresentArms

      Operation DINO - 2014 Primary Election picks

      More of the same
    16. PresentArms

      Historic / Antuque Car Repair in Rockville

      I have a 30 Model A ford that I recently had to put a clutch in. Not a big job its much easier then you think. Where are you located?
    17. PresentArms

      Larry Hogan "supports" the second amendment...

      Hogan has never mentioned 2A and I've questioned him many times without any reply. David Craig has spoken many times about 2A and is a Life Member of the NRA spoke to him a few times and I think I'm standing behind David Craig for now
    18. PresentArms

      Stack-On 18-Gun Convertible Steel Cabinet - $179

      Man, save your money and buy a good safe, look at the locking mechanism. With all the financing available you can't go wrong. A good safe will last a lifetime or two.
    19. PresentArms

      Freestate Gun Range Report

      Forgot the moon clip
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