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    1. S

      Favorite 22cal plinking bullet?

      I'm an rmr fan. Support small buisness that's pushing a bunch of r&d to make great products.
    2. S

      SilencerCo amazing customer service

      Well my chimera was taken care of in a week. New asr mount, baffle strike fixed and re coated. I'd say they did great.
    3. S

      Ocean City Bike Week 2023

      Dang I didn't think any real bikes actually came out to this event. Nice pan bud. Maybe next year I'll take my shovel out and about.
    4. S

      Charlie Maloney Official Retirement Statement

      I lucked out and linked up with him a few years ago for a rifle check up and trigger job. It was an amazing experience.
    5. S

      1911 lightweight 9mm CCO

      Blown away as always. Your killing it bud!
    6. S

      SilencerCo amazing customer service

      I'm about to see how they are about a baffle strike on a chimera.
    7. S

      Complete Larue 556 lower $200

      That's a deal, solid trigger that's now 89 bucks.
    8. S

      Rescue 1-9-1-1

      Killer work as always!
    9. S

      What internet are yall using?

      1 month into this service. Pretty decent here outside of snow hill and I haven't messed with it too much to optimize it.
    10. S

      Early Christmas Present Karma

      I'm in for my 5 year old daughter. Definitely a cousin Eddie fan.
    11. S

      Hello from Snow Hill

      Welcome. I grew up in snow hill and am actually moving back next week for a little while.
    12. S

      The traveling ammo can of karma?

      I do need to go to Hollywood md sometime and from time to time Queenstown. If either of those get me closer to you shoot me a pm. I have tons of lake city 556 and 9mm to donate, and I'm sure some misc stuff as I'm packing up to move to snow hill next week.
    13. S

      The traveling ammo can of karma?

      Good deal, I'm way down on the lower eastern shore or I'd take you up on it.
    14. S

      Crossbow noob

      Bumping this back up as I read through it all. Now that it's 2023, what is a bang for the buck K.I.S.S. rig to get me started?
    15. S

      What internet are yall using?

      Yep they don't mess with anything outside of town. Either starlink or a tmobile/ Verizon plan looks to be in my future.
    16. S

      What internet are yall using?

      So it looks like starlink is my only option. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something
    17. S

      What internet are yall using?

      I'm looking at spending a bit of time with family down in snow hill and figured I'd ask here if there's any other options then starlink for decent internet. Hoping to be able to stream and possibly do some remote work/school. So far all the decent options I've googled are for just in town and...
    18. S

      Getting your kids involved

      Well I know of a newly retired Marine comming back to snow hill in June for a year or two. I have a handful of milsurps from way before my time that I'll need spun up on. Awesome thing getting the kids involved! Mine are 4 and 6 so red ryders and 22s have all that we have messed with. And lots...
    19. S

      Rem. 760 Gamemaster

      I took my first deer with one in 30-06. I later on found one in 35 rem and love it. It's more of a novelty rifle to me as I feel there's better options out there that will perform better.
    20. S

      School me on pistol optics:

      I have a love hate relationship with them. My back ground is a career of iron sight pistol shooting in the Marines with 3 years of coaching and teaching time. I find they are good once a shooter figures out the presentation of the weapon for your eyes to pick up the dot. We messed with...
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