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    1. J

      Emergency Food Storage

      Tractor Supply has food grade buckets.
    2. J

      Housed in Frederick

      Stop by Thurmont Conservation and Sportsman Club. Trap on Tuesday and Friday nights.
    3. J

      Hello from Frederick County

      Check out Thurmont Conservation and Sportsman Club. You do not have to be a member to participate in an event. Check the calendar and find and event that interests you. Show up and have fun.
    4. J

      Frederick/Walkersville question

      As a resident of Walkersville, Deerfield is not bad. Nice houses. Traffic isn’t too bad around Walkersville, but the traffic on 26 stinks. You are about 10 miles from Thurmont Conservation and Sportsman Club, Discovery is not in Walkersville. Dearbought is not bad either, but it...
    5. J

      DC Metro Blocking Gun Related Content

      Try one of the TOR Browsers. Some work better than others. It creates a VPN and bypasses their "security".
    6. J

      Midlevel IT Security in Bethesda

      Have a contract position opening up in Bethesda. The position includes Security Engineering and Security Operations. It includes Incident Response, Endpoint management, Vulnerability management, Network defense. General skills are the ability multi-task and prioritize tasks, develop and document...
    7. J

      Deer hunting with 300 blk out

      Use 125gr Hornady SST in a 300BLK. Took 3 deer this year. Two doe and a buck. All less than 100 yards. None ran very far. Didn’t recover the bullet from any.
    8. J

      2017 bear lottery

      Got one too! Now to find a place to hunt.
    9. J

      Historic Md hunting regs

      The 28ga is the smallest. It was changed this year. Shotgun Regulations The shotguns referred to here are loaded from the breech of the barrel and use shells. Shotguns used for deer hunting must be 28 gauge or...
    10. J

      Semi Auto for Hunting?

      What about the 25wssm in an ar15, or the 30 caliber version? That should do 400 yards. I haven't tried one, but they look interesting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    11. J

      Need facts rebutting my church has good information
    12. J

      Mag shopping in PA/VA; living in Frederick

      Condition One 100 Buford Ave suite E in Gettysburg may be able to help. 717-334-8005. I heard the place burnt down and he is or has reopening.
    13. J

      Looking for a beginner IDPA class, or other pistol training

      From Thurmont Conservation and Sportsman Club. New Shooter Skills Class will be taught April 11, June 05, and October 23, subject to demand and trainer availability. For more information email There is some info on the website too.
    14. J

      Hello from Frederick

      There are some nice ranges in the Frederick area. Check out Thurmont Conservation and Sportsman Club. The other ranges will chime in soon. :-)
    15. J

      IT Position in Bethesda (Systems Admin)

      Pay depends on skill set, experience and education. Hours are Monday- Friday, 9-5ishbut flexible.
    16. J

      IT Position in Bethesda (Systems Admin)

      Typo. Should be iPads are nice, but sometimes a keyboard helps.
    17. J

      IT Position in Bethesda (Systems Admin)

      Should have included contact information. Send a resume to or to me. Thanks. Jeff
    18. J

      IT Position in Bethesda (Systems Admin)

      Duties to include: • Provide UNIX server/workstation, micro-computer, network and peripheral support. The groups have numerous UNIX-based, MacOS X and Windows-based workstations and servers to facilitate the visualization and analysis of medical images and data. • Including...
    19. J

      Deer hunt dilemma

      If you want to try the AR-15, what about using the 300 OSSM or 25 WSSM? Olympic Arms has an upper for about $800.
    20. J

      Where to buy deer meat in Montgomery County?

      If you want some venison, send me a PM. With a little luck I'll have some extra soon. Jeff
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