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      What prep items did you get recently?

      On my next trip to the dealer I was going to get a price on the pallet fork and rototiller attachments. Been looking for a 4ft grading blade also.
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      What prep items did you get recently?

      Graduated from the shovel and wheelbarrow. Too many projects and not enough hours in the day to make things happen. Picked up a Yanmar 223 with a loader and backhoe to save my back and find a few more hours in the week. Love the damn thing, the tiniest little diesel engine I have ever seen...
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      myrtle grove shooting range Karens

      In a state that is so openly hostile towards firearms in all manners possible your best effort at all times has got to be 110% towards not causing another statistic that will be used against us all in the name of more 'common sense gun control'... The accidental discharge @ SLSC last year or...
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      myrtle grove shooting range Karens

      Agreed :thumbsup: Since 2020 I have probably been out to shoot less than two dozen times and yet crap like this comes along and just today I bit my tongue and renewed for another year with SLSC just to not deal with this drama. Cold is cold, end of discussion. Myrtle Grove is a relic of the...
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      Complaints filed against 19.8% of Montgomery County officers last year, police data show

      Sure did for me... They could not make those charges go away fast enough for how jacked up Trooper J. Walker of "Marylands Finest, Leonardtown" conducted himself that night. And now I carry one every single day everywhere I go.
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      Shooting Range

      Given that St Marys has given the full approval to more sprawl and garbage in Lexington Pk right next door to SLSC... Not sure how much longer things will be going on there.
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      Firefighter killed in the line of duty.

      A former coworker of mine, pretty active member with Ridge VFD & Rescue squad, we had a discussion awhile ago about this. The 'be a hero' mentality as he called it gets people killed for nothing.
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      Safe Dehumidifier - Aldi $9.99

      YMMV... I have one of those and Stack-on brand one that tractor supply normally has in stock. The stack-on one goes about a week before it is saturated if you believe the color changing indicator. The Aldi one never seems to indicate it is saturated, I have left in outside in high humidity for a...
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      Biden says we need F-16s to oppose the Government

      Jet fuel is jet fuel for the most part. Between the different types it is not so much an octane rating like gasoline but more so matching the right grade of fuel for the operating environment/conditions.
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      Biden says we need F-16s to oppose the Government

      Turboprop engines use jet fuel also.
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      Crate of Pristine M1 Thompsons Found in Ukraine Salt Mine

      The Soviet union stockpiled and stashed away small arms across Europe for a war that never happen'ed. Even after WW2 and 54R became a secondary caliber for them they still cranked out how many millions of spam cans full of ammo for the Mosin rifle well into the late 70's at least. Other than a...
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      Crate of Pristine M1 Thompsons Found in Ukraine Salt Mine

      "Repatriating America's treasures act" The lib-tard heads would implode:lol2:
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      CCW on Maryland MVA Property?

      Really simple 'check test' since there seems to be confusion abounding constantly... Just about ANYWHERE that involves .gov ownership of the grounds/sidewalk/building/forest/park ect is and always will be (dont counter with 'we're gonna fight it and win' thats bs you and I both know will never...
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      Fixed handle AR-15 optics recommendation

      I have one of those. Boringly reliable and accurate.
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      For sale Crankshafts

      I have Two (2) Chrysler 318 crankshafts. One was recently checked at a machine shop (Heard Precision, Callaway MD) and I was told it would clean up and be perfectly good to use with a light polish or if you want it flawless it could go 10/10 under . The second one has been sitting around for...
      $40.00 to $1,040.00
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      When did handgun registration start in MD

      Boiling the frog since 1966 (77r), 1996 (secondary sales), 2013 (all people moving into state after 10-1-13 compulsory 77r)
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      Beginning level machining/shop helper.

      I came in the door 11 years ago there. Not doing what I do now, with no official prior work history for what they hired me to do. I showed them a couple things during the interview that I had a clue of wtf I was doing and it was off to the races.
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      Beginning level machining/shop helper.

      Notifications I thought were turned on but not so.. Great Mills Maryland, which for all purposes Lexington Park is close enough. One of the guys at the shop comes over from king George Va and another one from Huntingtown. They are also very experienced and the compensation they receive reflects...
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      Beginning level machining/shop helper.

      Passing this along. If there are any questions I can try to answer them. If you can read a tape measure, dial calipers and show up everyday the rest is pretty...
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      Looking for a certain car.

      I did a precursory search. For newer or more popular applications it works ok, older obscure stuff like this it is a waste of time IMO as the parts demand market for these cars is gone so inventory does not stay around. I called a local place here in St Marys that showed having a hood, grille...
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