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      Sussex Decent Pizza Places

      THIS!!! Also try “Pie” in Bethany. Pomodoro is great, but I’m not sure they are open year round. Best NY style Pizza around. Pie and Difibo’s are more “artist” small pizzas
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      Best concealed carry option.

      G48 or P365 are decent options
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      Post your favorite ammo sources:

      the Chantilly Gun shows had some OK pricing, depended on how much you bought. Could find 115gr brass 9mm for $275-$330/1000 if you looked around and were not picky on brand. Other than that, i've had a REALLY hard time finding 9mm for $15/50 or less.
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      Opinions on the Vedder Comfort Tuck IWB holster?

      I have a similar Aliengear one. It is comfortable but it is wide. So you can't just grab it an adjust it if you are getting in and out of a car and such. Comfort is a personal preference
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      Application progress banter thread

      accepted 8/26 here. I'll just go to sleep for a while. See you all in October....
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      Application progress banter thread

      Does MSP post any stats on applications per day (submitted and processed) anywhere officially? There are lots of stats being inferred from the good people on this forum, but I can’t find even press data on stats from MSP.
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      Talk me out of a P365....

      This is my personal debate in my head. I've actually held these two side by side and the P365, while measuring only slightly smaller, really FEELS smaller. I am worried that is is a bit frivolous considering I have the G48. One final thought is that I do like the idea of the manual safety on...
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      Talk me out of a P365....

      I love my G48, I'll keep that as well. I was just thinking that pocket carry for the summer/warmer months in an Alabama kydex holster seems super easy.
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      Talk me out of a P365....

      Thread winner right there....
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      Which Electric Mower?

      I too have a 21 in Greenworks, in the 48v model. I have the trimmer/edger as well. Works fine for my small suburban lawn with plenty of battery left after the mow to throw one into the trimmer to finish up the edging. I got it on Woot for a clearance deal under $300, so far, it has been outstanding.
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      Talk me out of a P365....

      I'm seriously considering a p365. I currently don't have a small very carry friendly 9mm. The P365 keeps coming to the top of the list when I'm digging around. I've held it numerous times at my LGS and with the extended pinky mag I can get a decent grip on the tiny frame. In anyone's experience...
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      Maryland CCW

      OCCAM, thank you for the input. I really appreciate the assist!
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      Maryland CCW

      Occam, Besides my basic desire for self defense, I do work that requires considerable off-hour support and travel. I tend to carry some expensive equipment. I’ve already inquired and my work won’t sponsor a CCW so I’d be on my own to validate any claims to this effect. I’m not sure if that...
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      Maryland CCW

      I am considering running the gauntlet for the MD CCW. I hear that “recently” the good and substantial reason area is a bit easier than it used to be. I’d be interested in finding out if any on this board have done their training recently and would recommend a site in and around Frederick or...
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      A Father's Day Range Tribute

      Wow! That is more than a field level takedown of a revolver!
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      Shipping handgun to manufacturer for repairs from Maryland

      Does the outbound and inbound shipping need to go via an FFL to send a handgun for repair out of state? I know that I can send outbound via UPS or Fedex overnight if I do it from one of their main branches. But on the return, does it need to come into an FFL? If so, would it not be easier to...
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      HQL in Frederick area

      +1 for the Machine Gun nest. Great class, with live fire at the end. The range there is well run and the folks are always very friendly.
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      Glock armorer question

      It looks like I have a mixed bag of parts. Certainly a silver trigger bar. I do have the darker locking block and no relief cuts behind the block. It has the darker safety “button” and the uncaptured return spring. When I contacted glock, they did say that there should be no safety issues...
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      Recall info

      What was the fix for this one? Certainly not the “6 part upgrade”. Any ideas!
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      Glock armorer question

      303_enfield, thank you for the links. I contacted Glock and they would be “happy” to upgrade my unit. As we are aware, I would lose any of the valuable older parts so I’m going to do a good takedown of the the firearm first just to see if I have any of the legacy parts left in the unit. I will...
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