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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Updated Submitted 11-29-2022 Accepted 12-08-2022 NICS 1-5-2023 Approved 1-23-2023 In hand 1-27-23 Approved date was incorrect in my previous post, It was Monday the 23. In hand today.
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted 11-29-2022 Accepted 12-08-2022 NICS 1-5-2023 Approved 1-21-2023 In hand TBD ???
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      Nice Shop and Crew

      Just wanted to say thanks. Spent the weekend in a training course this weekend and had some engraving done today at RS Shooting Sports. Two great experiences in the last few days. If anyone is in the area or making the trip to the the shore, make sure to check these guys out, they have a lot...
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      Paw Paw time

      Plant them where they will live or something with room, because they do not transplant well. They utilize a central tap root that if damaged or destroyed will likely kill them off. If starting in pots use a long pot that will allow the root room to grow if transplanting.
    5. M

      Paw Paw time

      It can take awhile. I planted some seedlings about 6 years ago from Edible Landscaping, and this year was the bumper crop, the last couple of years were 4-6 pawpaw, but this year probably 50+ from one tree, the other 2 have since died and been replaced.
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      Delaware Gov Orders All Non-Essentials Businesses Closed

      Not really seeing where this has changed much from the current.
    7. M

      CCW in Delaware

      From my understanding most people look for lowly circulated papers to post in, such as The Guide, The Dover Post, and so on.
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      Paw Paw time

      Are the Paw Paws ripening on the Potomac yet? I had my lone fruit drop last week on one of my Peterson varieties, thought it was a little premature or one of the kids knocked it off. Fortunately after a couple days in a brown bag with an apple it ripened up nicely and was absolutely delicious...
    9. M

      The Official 2018 "Is It The Rut Yet?" Thread

      Saw a 6-8 point buck in velvet in Kent county MD today.
    10. M

      Michael Smigiel Jr. (R) - Candidate for House of Delegate D36

      He's getting one of my primary votes, need to change some things up in district 36.
    11. M

      Sussex Gas Price Hike

      Delaware has gone full blown welfare state. I work central Kent and Sussex county. Sept 1st. they raised cigarette and beer/liquor taxes to be more competitive with New Jersey Taxes. Gas prices starting going up almost the same time. They will nickel and dime every working person they can...
    12. M

      Sussex Gas Price Hike

      Delaware does have a "seasonal" blend and raises the price every summer season.
    13. M

      Best general purpose barrel vise?

      I don't see a barrel vise, but he still has a site.
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      MDS IP Gift Card Giveaway - March

      In it to win it
    15. M

      Delaware becoming too liberal?

      Worth a read in planning on moving to DE. Makes MD 2013 Gun Control look good. I have worked in most of Delaware for the last 25 years, and though a Marylander...
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      Fire Mission: USA TODAY Poll

      Thank you for voting! Strongly agree 80.26% (427 votes) Agree 3.57% (19 votes) Don't know 0.56% (3 votes) Disagree 1.5% (8 votes) Strongly disagree 14.1% (75 votes) Total Votes: 532
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      HB1302-"The Neighborhood Bag Lady Can Take Your Guns" bill

      Democrat Ghrist, I mean Delegate Ghrist has not really answered any questions on it either on facebook. Welcomed phone calls, but I assume not willing to put out anything in writing to be used by anyone. I sent the NRA a nice email encouraging them to look long and hard at how they rate such...
    18. M

      the National Reciprocity Act is Dead!

      Yes he did.
    19. M

      HR 5103 Financial banning of firearms

      Or see House proceedings this week in MD.
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