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    1. 94hokie

      WTB: Sig P365x - MoCo Area

      Engage Armament has always had a bunch of P365's when I've been in there. That's where I got my XL
    2. 94hokie

      Remington 870 cylinder bore buckshot barrels..??

      Best bet is probably one of these.
    3. 94hokie

      2023 Turkey Hunting Thread

    4. 94hokie

      Best FFL in HoCo?

      2A Sales & Supplies in Jessup would be my choice
    5. 94hokie

      Bambi Whacking 2022-2023

    6. 94hokie

      Considering a 410 Shotgun for Turkey

      As far as ammo. Tungsten shot hits like a truck. Should make a 410 an ethical turkey gun out to 40-45 yards. I used Apex Ammunition in 12 and 20 gauge when I had a place to turkey hunt and it was devastating.
    7. 94hokie

      Considering a 410 Shotgun for Turkey

      Bass Pro site says they have some in Arundel Mills. $600.00 there.
    8. 94hokie

      Considering a 410 Shotgun for Turkey

      Semi-auto, camo, with a pistol grip.
    9. 94hokie

      Private Sale of Muzzleloader

      Because you could put a Pardner shotgun or Handirifle barrel on it
    10. 94hokie

      Shop with good US/Euro bolt action inventory

      I know Bass Pro gets a lot of hate, but they have a couple in stock in Hanover
    11. 94hokie

      Anyone know what type of optic mount this is on a Benelli M2?

      12 gauge benellis all come factory drilled and tapped
    12. 94hokie

      Anyone know what type of optic mount this is on a Benelli M2?

      looks like a standard weaver style mount for a benelli shotgun to me
    13. 94hokie

      What Documents are Needed to Purchase Handgun

      Makes it simpler once you go to the store. Don't have to fill it out then
    14. 94hokie

      New camo - Need Suggestions

      If price doesn't matter, I like the Kuiu gear. It was founded by one of the guys that started Sitka before they got bought out by Gore. I know a guy that lives out in Jackson Wy. and he swears by it for warmth and that's how I got started on it.
    15. 94hokie

      DC CCW Nightmare- Seems they want you to falsify a document to get a permit

      I used guns that I could look at the 77R for online when I applied
    16. 94hokie

      Bambi Whacking 2022-2023

      Hunted Carroll County over the weekend. Saw several small bucks and a really small doe on Saturday and let them all walk. Heard lots of shooting. Yesterday, sat in the stand all day. Once the rain stopped, the deer started to move and got a nice, mature doe to put in the freezer.
    17. 94hokie

      Bambi Whacking 2022-2023

      Chuck and Burnie's and C&L are full also
    18. 94hokie

      Bambi Whacking 2022-2023

      Hoping this guy shows up during daylight hours next weekend
    19. 94hokie

      P365X-Macro official release

      Looks a lot like mine. I have to get some mags for it now.
    20. 94hokie

      P365X Macro---NOT ON ROSTER

      They're available on Sig's website now
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