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    1. ezracer

      Some Things I like for an AR 9mm PCC

      The M&P FPC is new this year so I'll be checking out some of the reviews on it before I do anything. I will say, the price is right!! have a nice collection. Looks like fun.
    2. ezracer

      Some Things I like for an AR 9mm PCC

      I have Soo much 5.56 /.223 ammo that I'm torn. Being an older guy the lighter weight PCC's really appeal to me with their lighter weight ( ~5.5 lbs. ). I've gotten my STAG AR-3 down to about 6.8 lbs. by getting rid of the glass and using Halographic Red Dots. Then I think about the M1 Carbine...
    3. ezracer

      Some Things I like for an AR 9mm PCC

      This looks interesting to me. S&W M&P FPC ( Folding Pistol -caliber Carbine ). Cost MSRP $650. -16" barrel. 30" overall, 16.5" folded. Velocity @ 50 yrds 1400-1600fps.
    4. ezracer

      NM governor suspends open & concealed carry in Albuquerque for 30 days

      Trump is right. They're not just coming for him, they're coming for us!! Based on the accelerated rate of societal/political degradation in this country, I'd say the SHTF moment is most certainly 6 years or less away. ( considering there won't be an 'R' POTUS in '24 ) And, what will that...
    5. ezracer

      NM governor suspends open & concealed carry in Albuquerque for 30 days

      The Governor was asked, "Do you think the criminals will obey the law"?? She said, and I paraphrase......... "Uh No, but this will entice the populace to report crimes". WTH has gotten into people that think this way. I think Mrs. Ez is right. There's something in the food or water. This is...
    6. ezracer

      Pelosi running again!???

      Welcome to the USSA ( United Soviet States of America ). And guess what folks .....if she runs she'll win. Personally, I think she is too old to learn Mandarin when the Chinese take over. They'll have her working in a Chinese Nike shoe factory. I think it's well past time for a few good men...
    7. ezracer

      Ka-Bar, Share your opinion

      You gotta have one, you just gotta !! Actually I carry it when I ride my bike. I have a sheath that I strap to my shin. Great for keeping dogs away. I'd never cut a dog but all it takes is a jab from that point.....OUCH!!
    8. ezracer

      Ka-Bar, Share your opinion

      OOPS!! Pic didn't post.
    9. ezracer

      Outdoor Gun Ranges

      There's Elk Neck Shooting range in Hazard County. $10 daily. If over 62 it's $25 a year. WOULD NOT recommend weekends. They have: 100 yrd.Rifle 50 yrd. pistol Skeet Range (no thrower ) Archery Range
    10. ezracer

      Kyle Rittenhouse being sued

      We're living in "Bizarro World".
    11. ezracer

      EXCLUSIVE | 11-year-old captured by cops 17 times for car thefts, burglaries. Here's why he's not facing charges

      Two problems here. One is social, namely, fatherless homes/dysfunctional families. The the other is Merry-Land is a very blue, very leftist state. Nothing is going to change.
    12. ezracer

      I Really Like French Model 1950 Pistols

      Sorry. I saw French Model and got all confused. Was thinking Bridgette Bardot!! :lol:
    13. ezracer

      A little time travel with a Crosman 760

      Not a 760 but a .22 cal. CO2 Crosman 400 repeater circa 1957. It's bolt action with a 10 round magazine. My Dad bought it for us when I was 12. Red Ryder BB before this. Still have it. Replaced o-rings some years ago and it shoots great.!!
    14. ezracer

      Dems Want 1000% Tax On Standard Mags, "Assault" Weapons etc

      Hey whatever. Gotta make everyone SAFE!! :facepalm:
    15. ezracer

      Federal Ammunition rips Minnesota DNR for lead ammo ban

      Total lead ban in 3, 2, 1. :tongue01:
    16. ezracer

      Telling Family about CC

      Just my wife, not even my grown kids (who are lefties ). However I did have a friend ask me if I had a permit. I said yes.
    17. ezracer

      Finally...the perfect carry weapon

      Mee Too! :)
    18. ezracer

      Finally...the perfect carry weapon

      ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Everyone has their priorities and preferences!
    19. ezracer

      Have you ever been called out for carrying?

      I've never been called out yet. But I always enjoy "LOOKING" at other people to see if they are printing. That said, I would never say anything to anyone about it. I don't like to rattle cages. :innocent0
    20. ezracer

      Finally...the perfect carry weapon

      I understand the differences. Thus I prefer night sights. I don't want to light up the night and show my location. I won't be storming any apartment buildings in Mosul....or Bloodymore!!
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