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      Georgia Mayor want to go after gun theft victims

      While I think it's stupid not to lock your car if there is a gun in it, the Savannah Mayor's proposal seems to go to far, especially considering that there are places you aren't allowed to carry, even in Georgia...
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      ammo opinion needed

      Is AAC Ammo from the factory the owner of Palmetto State Armory said he was going to build to make domestic 7.62x39 after the Russian import ban?
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      Primer Notifications

      Haven't, but they appear to take credit cards, so if you don't get what you ordered you can just dispute the charge and not have to pay. No real risk. If during checkout they suddenly say their credit card system isn't working and ask for zello/venmo/cashapp/etc, walk away.
    4. G


      I don't think anyone can legally sell 7.62x51 black tip. He probably means he'd buy the 30-06 rounds and pull the bullets to load in some other .30 caliber.
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      NM governor suspends open & concealed carry in Albuquerque for 30 days

      I think human sacrifice falls under Oliver Wendel Holmes's principle that "your rights end where my nose begins."
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      NM governor suspends open & concealed carry in Albuquerque for 30 days

      So should have she. That's why they both deserve to be hanged.
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      NM governor suspends open & concealed carry in Albuquerque for 30 days

      So when and if it comes time to hang those who would abrogate the Constitution, the head of the NM state police should share the stage with the Governor.
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      Montgomery County police hold public meeting on new plan to use drones as first responders

      Hopefully someone will ensure that these things are used for legitimate police functions rather than mass surveillance. Not that I don't trust the government, but for some reason the TV series "Person of Interest" comes to mind. . .
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      More Marxist Tracking Horse Shite, Now for BP

      I'm expecting a FedEx delivery of smokeless powder today. Hope I didn't miss him when I was picking the kid up from school. Didn't see a note on door, so probably OK. FedEx email says signature required. In the past, especially at height of COVID lockdown, FedEx driver would often just sign it...
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      Alliant Powder prices 2023

      With Alliant raising their prices, and the Hodgdon (near) monopoly already having done so, suddenly Vhitavuori powders, which used to be expensive relative to other options, seem to be right in line with everyone else's powder prices.
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      Eley Benchrest 22lr - local source?

      For online purchase, Creedmoor Sports usually has this and lots of other quality .22lr ammo.
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      white tail deer hunting (firearms) - november

      Sorry, I usually hunt from a climbing tree stand. Not really a team sport.
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      NM governor suspends open & concealed carry in Albuquerque for 30 days

      Justice Gorsuch covers the 10th Circuit, which includes New Mexico. Hoping an injunction can be fast tracked to him, although "fast" and the legal system rarely go together.
    14. G

      Pelosi running again!???

      Guess she figures it's better than staying at home with her gay hubby.
    15. G

      Powder deal: Accurate 1680

      I use a lot of Accurate 1680 and just found a pretty good deal at Everglades Ammo. $24.99 per lb. Hazmat was $30. They have quite a few other powders at average prices. In my case the hazmat charge was spread over a number of lbs.
    16. G

      Albuquerque gun store "confiscates" Polymer80 from customer

      That won't be good for business. Maybe they plan on catering to libs. Someone should tell them that libs don't buy a lot of guns and ammo. . .
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      Keltec sub2000 carry?

      I've seen the MCarbo folding riser but not willing to pay what they ask for it. I just use a high mount (lower 1/3 co-witness) Holosun red dot with a qd base. Takes a minute to move it from bottom rail to top rail after unfolding.
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