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    1. HRDWRK

      Biden's "Office of Gun Violence Prevention"

      Matt Kim,
    2. HRDWRK

      Montgomery County police hold public meeting on new plan to use drones as first responders

      A great use for all the covid and Biden money "taxpayers funds) that added to his Biden economic plan! Well at least they didn't get any of that unaccounted for Ukraine (taxpayers monies) funds! I'm so glad that monkey county has the for sight in curbing crime and helping career criminals! I...
    3. HRDWRK

      Gettysburg Gun Show 09/16,17/2023

      I'm not sure how to do that feat.
    4. HRDWRK

      HoCo School Bus Clusterf*ck

      In about 3 weeks it won't be a problem! Stop all the mean posts! The school board will close all in school learning for all students.. And of course those teachers need paid. Lol
    5. HRDWRK

      Kel-Tec Sub 2000 9mm Gen2 Carbine Rifle 289.99

      From what is see the price is $389 and then $100 off that with rebate.
    6. HRDWRK

      Kel-Tec Sub 2000 9mm Gen2 Carbine Rifle 289.99

      Has anyone order one of these, from this company? I have checked a few places and everyone has the for $550 and not even close to this price.
    7. HRDWRK

      Does Westminster mayor have authority to confiscate guns in an emergency?

      Please welcome the Mayor of Westminster MD.
    8. HRDWRK

      One post closer to Classifieds....

      Nope wrong one.
    9. HRDWRK

      One post closer to Classifieds....

      JeffG is that you
    10. HRDWRK

      Egg storage

      Building that post count one at a time..
    11. HRDWRK

      Preserving your chickens’ eggs all winter

      Building that post count.. One at a time.
    12. HRDWRK

      Moving to MD Need Advise

      Great job already up to 21.
    13. HRDWRK

      Moving to MD Need Advise

      Building those posts slowly JeffG approves.
    14. HRDWRK

      Garden Thread 2023

      Today's small harvest. Sungold tomatoes and a couple of peppers..
    15. HRDWRK

      Senate candidate

      Here is a YouTube
    16. HRDWRK

      Senate candidate
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