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    1. jimbobborg

      In Need of a CZ Pistol Expert

      I've shot a lot of handguns, the Shadow 2 has the same grip angle as a 1911. The only pistols I like better are double-stack 1911s/2011s. I suggest you try out the CZ.
    2. jimbobborg

      Favorite CZs?

      While I loved my Shadow, I ended up selling it to finance an STI, which is significantly better for what I wanted the Shadow for. I still have my P10F, which has an extra slide and threaded barrel with compensator. Unfortunately, the comp requires that I used +P ammunition to cycle properly...
    3. jimbobborg

      Marlin 1895 won’t chamber a round

      Are you single loading it into the chamber or feeding through the mag tube?
    4. jimbobborg

      Fix Carry Handle A1 Upper - Here is a Better Option

      I remember about 10 years or so ago that I was looking for one to build a new upper. I ended up getting one from another member here. Still works. Took almost a year to get that upper complete.
    5. jimbobborg

      Checking out a CZ P10 C very nice for under 400$

      I have the F model, it's actually pretty nice. Got an aftermarket slide, barrel, and compensator. Never thought about getting a C until now.
    6. jimbobborg

      Looking for the "right" wheel gun..

      The new Colt Cobras are 6-shot .38 Specials so no need to go buy 50 year old guns. Unlike the original Cobras, the new ones are steel and rated for +P ammunition. Which reminds me, I need to pick one up at some point to match my first gen Cobra.
    7. jimbobborg

      Looking for 5.45x39 ammo in Maryland Out of stock now, but SASS is ramping up again so they should have some in stock soon.
    8. jimbobborg

      Para Ordnance P14 upgrade suggestions

      Kin of late, but My P16-40 runs with STI mags just fine. Kind of pricey, but you get what you pay for.
    9. jimbobborg

      Vienna Arsenal and C&R Firearms sudden closing

      I got my Dan Wesson Silverback from him way back for 40% off list price. He had a special going on guns from one of his suppliers, this was one of them.
    10. jimbobborg

      Prince William County to buy Elite Shooting Sports for police training

      Only open during hunting season, the the CF Phelps WMA has a 100 yard sight in range, free if you have a hunting or fishing license. But it's outdoors. Pretty close to Clark Brothers.
    11. jimbobborg

      What Are Rifles You Don't Need But Want?

      M2, original BAR, and GE Minigun. I have a rifle for just about every purpose I need one for, those listed are just because I will never be able to afford any of them.
    12. jimbobborg

      AR57 uppers are back

      "In contrast to many other receivers, there is no gas system to become clogged with carbon or fouling; the chamber stays clean well beyond extended shooting."
    13. jimbobborg

      AR57 uppers are back

      Panzer Arms is making an AR57 upper that takes FN mags. On sale at PSA.
    14. jimbobborg

      Silver Eagle Group Vendor Day, Staccato guns available for demo

      This is going on tomorrow. They're having a competition with provided equipment to go along with the demo.
    15. jimbobborg

      Ruger 10/22s: disappointing

      I bought a 10/22 around 2010, it worked, ended up selling it because I didn't need it anymore. Decent little rifle. About 4 years ago, I got a heavy barreled, laminate stock version from Proven Outfitters for a decent price. Was going to shoot the precision rimfire matches at Quantico. Shot...
    16. jimbobborg

      Silver Eagle Group Vendor Day, Staccato guns available for demo

      If you're willing to take the trip to Ashburn, VA, SEG will be hosting a Vendor day.
    17. jimbobborg


      Personal preference aside, Kydex is better for carry, doesn't retain moisture like leather, and has built in retention. Bianchi has a nice holster that sandwiches Kydex between two pieces of leather, so you get the nice looking leather with the stiffness of Kydex.
    18. jimbobborg

      A Commemorative shotgun for those interested...

      Either the barrel should be shorter or the tube mag should be longer. It just looks odd to me.
    19. jimbobborg

      Springfield Prodigy....DO WANT

      I already did that, got a sweet deal on it because a local small dealer in Vienna posted his cost list and said he'd sell anything on it for 10% over his cost. MSRP on Dan Wessons at the time were at a considerable markup. Anyway, this makes me really miss the Quantico Tactical/Proven Arms...
    20. jimbobborg

      Are there any pistols or brands you just don't shoot well with despite it being a quality firearm?

      My first handgun was a Ruger Blackhawk. Then a S&W 1076. I shot both well. I can shoot Glocks, but I have to break my wrists to do so. I'm not changing how I shoot for one brand, so I don't shoot or own any Glocks now.
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