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    1. J

      H&R M1 Garand Cutaway

      Just WOW, thanks for sharing!
    2. J

      New to reloading. Need powder guidance

      First get several reloading manuals and read them. No one manual will cover all the issues you'll be faced with. For loads look online for powder companies load data like Reloading Data Center | Hodgdon or accurate arms site. Powder is what you can find locally and yes bullet weight does affect...
    3. J

      An MD legal Springfield m1a????

      For Lefties Bula Defence has a southpaw version that's good to go. Lacks parts compatabilty with other M1-A's.
    4. J


      FNX and 503 models are southpaw friendly I believe.
    5. J

      Where to purchase reloading Unique powder and 209 primers

      In load data cheddite compares well with win. 209 primers. I've used them interchangeably for years. Very reliable.
    6. J

      Recommendations on a powder measure?

      Saw this in Baltimore Craigslist, still up. May interest you. Luck.
    7. J

      New York Gun law partially struck down

      3 minute readNovember 7, 20225:28 PM ESTLast Updated 2 hours ago U.S. judge suspends many of New York's new gun restrictions By Jonathan Allen [1/2] A Times Square Gun Free Zone sign hangs from a light pole on 6th avenue in New York City, U.S., October 10, 2022. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton/File...
    8. J

      Garden Thread 2022

      With a spade shovel carefully dig around 1/3 to 1/2 the plants root area. Just place and shove and wiggle. The plant senses this and starts to ripen the fruit.
    9. J

      Shotgun chrono

      Have you looked at the Hodgdon Reloading site? Great source for loading data.
    10. J

      Lee Pro 4000 Press Issue

      Pretty much yes, I grab the tumbled cases and go through them looking for media in the flashhole and poke it out with dendist pick while giving cases a last look before charging and seating bullet.
    11. J

      Remington 512 sportsmaster

      Yes you may. The gun is perfectly legal. I hunted for years with a Rem 513. DNR never batted an eye when inspected in field.
    12. J

      Mec Grabber 12ga.

      Came across this on Craigslist.
    13. J

      M1a Socom16 Vortex Venom mounting plate

      Look up Basset sight base here: I got one years ago and it worked very well. Only scope is over the iron sights. A comb riser is probably a necessity.
    14. J

      Dillion xl650 for sale No interest in this. Just posting.
    15. J

      Where Do You Store Powders?

      Hey guy's remember the fire exstingusher is for putting a fire out BEFORE OR AFTER powder ignites and burns out. Powder fire pretty much can't be put out because it has it own oxygen built into it I believe.
    16. J

      Salt curing meat..........

      Here is a link to a 1941 Salt curing book.
    17. J

      Garden Thread 2022

      Zucchini bread is the old standby. How ever you only use about a cup per loaf. Good news it freezes pretty well. Do remember to pick small and often. Skip a day and you'll have monsters to deal with!!
    18. J

      Censored by WXCY Radio

      May I suggest a consultation with the ACLU? Maybe WBFF 45 ?
    19. J

      Virus software

      Was using Bitdefender for years. Small memory footprint and worked very well. Just switched to AVAST because Bit. went subscription this year. Also run MaLwareByte too. Do not depend on just ONE antiviral program!
    20. J

      Buckshot shot shot shells

      When loading OO buck shot some shell/wad combinations require removal of the wad fingers or the shell will be "lumpy". Not a big deal but be prepared for it. Loading the shells can be tedious if trying to punch out a couple of boxes as you must load pellets by hand. Latest Lyman shotshell book...
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