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    1. S

      Estate Sale Partial Gun List.

      Is there anything not for sale in MD?
    2. NIB DSA RPD for Sale

      For sale NIB DSA RPD for Sale

      Like new, unfired DSA RPD for sale. Includes surplus cleaning kit, 4 drums, and 4 loaded belts. Pictures to follow shortly. I bought this a few years ago and it has sat in my safe ever since. It's time for it to go to a good home. I can meet anywhere in the WV panhandle. Anyone outside of WV...
      or best offer
    3. For Sale Gearhead Works Folding CZ EVO Tailhook Brace

      For sale For Sale Gearhead Works Folding CZ EVO Tailhook Brace

      1 NIB EVO 3 Tailhook brace with folding adapter for sale. I can meet up at AGC. Not interested in trades.
    4. S

      Just Moved

      I just escaped from the PDRMD to Free America, and I have to say it is nice here. Anyone have any gun shops they recommend around Harpers Ferry/Ranson? And would anyone out here be interested in a RPD?
    5. S

      Everyone - take a breath, now sack up

      I'm fleeing to West Virginia. It was nice knowing you all. Hopefully we can replace Manchin in the next cycle.
    6. S

      Galil Ace Muzzle Brake Removal

      Thanks for the advice. I finally got around to taking another crack at it. No dice. nothing moves.
    7. S

      AGC Guest Changes

      Looks like the AGC thread got hit with the magic eraser again. Does anyone know of a better range within an hour or so of Sykesville?
    8. S

      Galil Ace Muzzle Brake Removal

      Does anyone know how to get the muzzle brake off of a Galil Ace in .308? I've gone through an entire wrench collection, and tried turning in every direction. Nada.
    9. S

      In Stock NOW!

      I did. Will let you know how that goes.
    10. S

      SKS - I want one

      Aimsurplus just got in a bunch of Chinese ones. Not too bad on pricing if you dont care about them being all matching. I ordered one.
    11. S

      Opinions on Best Local Cerakote

      Negative on Bollinger. They misplaced my rifle for three months and completely forget it existed.
    12. S

      C308 Rifle

      So does anyone know someone from Atlantic we could poke with a stick to get a status update?
    13. S

      C308 Rifle

      I'm showing it's still banned.
    14. S

      WTB Sig P230 SL

      Sure thing. Sent one.
    15. S

      More used guns!

      Any chance you guys could find a Sig P230 SL in nice shape? I just got my tax refund and found out they exist today.
    16. S

      WTB Sig P230 SL

      I just got my tax refund and found out these existed on the same day. I need one.
    17. S

      Feedback posted by SKroh on Arcamm

      Easy to deal with. Everything as discribed. Parts were as described. Some really great guidance to go with it. I sure appreciate it. I'll let you know when I get the build done.
    18. S

      current ATF wait time

      Form 4 Trust Submitted: 7/7/16 Approved: 5/12/17 Arrived: 5/22/17
    19. S

      Golden Spike Commemoratives

      What's the story on the one with the large loop?
    20. S

      Arsenal SLR-104FR 5.45X39MM. Who wants one?

      I call dibs.
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