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    1. eric_2902

      30/223 Ingram Dies

      I have 10 wildcat barrels for my TC. Two of them have been hard to find info on. do you happen to have the print for 30/223 Ingram? Can’t seem to find it anywhere. the other barrel I’m struggling with is stamped 30 JG
    2. eric_2902

      30/223 Ingram Dies

      Thanks. I send an email. Hoping he can help me out.
    3. eric_2902

      30/223 Ingram Dies

      Get gang, I’ve been hunting for a while for a set of dies for my TC Barrel in 30/223 Ingram. Anybody have an idea of where to look?
    4. eric_2902

      PA CCW

      Did mine online with York county. Whole process was simple. Picked up card 2 weeks after submitting
    5. eric_2902

      Curio and Relic FAQ!! Read me first!!!

      I got mine today also and noticed that.
    6. eric_2902

      DC CCW Nightmare- Seems they want you to falsify a document to get a permit

      Thanks for the info. Just got approved for PA and DC was next.
    7. eric_2902

      Great Experience at Freestate!

      Anyone know how the recent Utah law changes impact CCWs? I have one and another told me now that in order to renew you have to show a CCW from your home that true? THat would suck
    8. eric_2902

      Bad happened

      Went to reload last night and my reload log is nowhere to be found...last place I had it was the range a moth or so back. Must have left it. All my :mad54: Anyway, i'm thinking of building a spreadsheet and will keep multiple backups. Anyone have on in...
    9. eric_2902

      What's up from Aberdeen

      howdy from conowingo
    10. eric_2902

      M38s at RGuns

      Did you get one?
    11. eric_2902

      M38s at RGuns

      well, they appear to be sold out now.
    12. eric_2902

      How much $ to start reloading?

      Geeze. Cost really depends on what you want to get from it...For me reloading is half the fun so over time I have invested several dollars because i really enjoy it. For practical just getting the job done a person could simply go with a kit like the anniversary kit Lee sells...
    13. eric_2902

      4/21 Harford Co Meet & Greet

      Well, regardless of which pizza was the best (and it was the one from the big box) I had a good time and left there a little fatter than before... Clandestine...see how incorporated fatter into the post? :D
    14. eric_2902

      How is this for starting?

      I'm just about to start up some loads for my Garand using IMR 4064 and lake city many grains did you settle on? As an FYI I will be using the CCI # 34 military primers. I really dig the meters well and has done well in my 300 Win MAG, 7.5 French, 7.5 Swiss (K31), and my...
    15. eric_2902

      hey ya'll!

      Howdy from Conowingo
    16. eric_2902

      Forum Rules - Comments and Questions

      Thanks...Just buttoned up my shirt and had a mouthful of coffee. Gotta go change shirt now. That is just plain disturbing! :puke2:
    17. eric_2902

      Forum Rules - Comments and Questions

      Im with you. I enjoy the forums here because I get to laugh while learning something new all the time. Lots of collective knowledge here. I honestly dont think most folks here are not "gay haters"...but I do recognize that it must be a pain in the butt for the mods to deal with hate...
    18. eric_2902

      M38s at RGuns

      Thought this was worth posting. "Available once again! RGUNS has located a small batch of Soviet Mosin-Nagant M1938 7.62x54mmR Carbines! The M1938 is a carbine based on the M1891/30 design that was produced from 1939 to 1945 at the Izhevsk arsenal and in 1940 and 1944 at Tula. They were...
    19. eric_2902

      Forum Rules - Comments and Questions

      good set of rules. Thanks
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