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    1. M

      Reply to question by 'MrNIceGuy1989' on the classified ad 'Cheap Starter car for someone just out of school'

      2013 Nissan Altima SV Black 63,656 miles on it, Clean and runs good 8k
    2. M

      Where to buy cheap 12 gauge shells

      Where can you get cheap 12 gauge shells, #7.5,8 or 9, 2 3/4, Under 1200fps, so basically for Trap at AGC
    3. Truglo Omnia 6 Brand New

      For sale Truglo Omnia 6 Brand New

      Brand new never mounted Truglo Omnia 6. LPVO 1x6 Second Focal plane with excellent reticle. Price is firm. Meet Ellicott City/Columbia area.
    4. Complete Glock 43 Oem slide With oem lower parts kit and 3 extra magazines

      For sale Complete Glock 43 Oem slide With oem lower parts kit and 3 extra magazines

      Complete Oem Glock 43 slide Oem lower parts kit 3 Magazines - 10 round +4 fab defense extension, 8 round +2 Tactical defense, 6 round magazine Only 200 rounds through it
    5. M

      4 boxes of .223 brass

      Still available?
    6. M

      Moving to MD Need Advise

      Contact Maryland State Police, they are usually good with questions like that
    7. M

      Howdy, neighbors!!!!!

      Welcome from Ellicott City
    8. M

      77r Disposition "Placed on hold"??

      Call MSP for the reason
    9. M

      New gun round count

      Depending on application, pocket pistol 6+1, iwb pistol 10+1, otw 15+1
    10. M

      Reason to Carry

      Just Write that it's for self defense and it's your constitution right.
    11. M

      HQL help

      Did it myself, just got to go to the court where you were charged to file your paper's then you will get a date for the judge to review, if you sure your good then you don't need to an attorney, if your iffy then I'd get an attorney
    12. M

      Associated Guns Club of Baltimore

      This place is great, I used to go to Guntry also until I found AGC. Never been back to Guntry since. They have something for everybody there, pistol range, 100yrd, 200yrd, Trap, action shooting, and more. Its also a great bargin too I think current membership is $225 plus club dues for the...
    13. M

      HQL help

      Got the letters for my 2 expungements in December 21, got my HQL June 22, HGP December 22.
    14. M

      PA non-resident permit?

      How long did yours take to get approved?
    15. M

      New Member from Southern Maryland

      Welcome from Ellicott City
    16. M

      CCW Insurance ... Should you have it ?

      Has anyone actually used CCW Insurance? if so How did it go?
    17. M

      Guns.Com reputable site?

      Heard its hit or miss, but they seem like a pretty big company.
    18. M

      Hello From NC

      Welcome from Ellicott City, MD
    19. M

      Md HQL Disqualification

      You ever try to get your HQL? You should be good and you should be able to get your CCW too
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