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    1. J

      M1 Carbine - Are They Worth The $$$

      Everyone should have at least 5
    2. J

      Fair price on an ugly shooter Garand

      What looks ugly may not be , especially if it is in original wood with all of the cartoches. Did I see you say IH? If you mean International Harvester that is a premium. It would have to be very ugly with a poor muzzle and throat gauge to be less than $1k these days. If a half decent IH I...
    3. J

      Consignment Guns

      Winchester .44 is gone. That Timberwolf is sweet, really sweet. Someone buy that wolf before I get to tempted and go back for it.
    4. J

      Gettysburg, PA Gun Show January 28 – January 29 2023

      How is the selection of accessories beyond AR stuff.
    5. J

      Revolver porn thread.

      Envious of the 3-50-7
    6. J

      Wz 91/98/25

    7. J

      Saiga 12 Gas Issue

      Scott's did mine took a little bit to loosen up but now it runs just fine on everything down to bird loads. Really nice conversion.
    8. J

      *** Lever Action Porn ***

    9. J

      Gun show find

      Nice you do not see many of those or at least havent in the last couple years
    10. J

      Century AP5

      MD legal carbine version?
    11. J

      New Bang Stick

      Extremely envious, is that the upgraded walnut? One of these has been on my list for a long time just can't bring myself to lay down the $$$s!
    12. J

      *** Lever Action Porn ***

      I am extremely envious! One of these has been on my I want list for a long time and I have almost pulled the trigger more than once.
    13. J

      Did a thing...375H&H inbound

      Nice............I snagged a CZ .375 Safari a year ago and still haven't gotten around to shooting it. Nothing like "big bore" and "dangerous game" calibers.
    14. J

      *** Lever Action Porn ***

      I am a little perplexed by this one, I know JM Marlin's are hot but............$5500 for a 336 and increasing?
    15. J

      Persian Artillery Luger

      Rare bird and if everything is there its probably worth that easily. Persian contract stuff can go for a lot of money.
    16. J

      What prep items did you get recently?

      Filled the beverage cooler
    17. J

      M6 Scout Survival Rifle is Back

      Zombie thread! Though I am thinking of ordering a couple of these. Still looking for a Springfield in .22 hornet but thats for collecting more than shooting. For field work the .357 would be really nice.
    18. J

      Dreyse Light Carbine

      Havent seen one of those in many years
    19. J

      Whats the rarest firearm you own?

      In the United States but not necessarily globally S&W Model 10 Shah of Iran issue, not many in the US. I have personally seen 2 or 3 in 20 years. 2x Australian International Arms M10s in 7.62x39. Ive toyed with selling one a couple times but havent
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