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    1. tjaw

      Shield EZ

      I realize I need to quantify "Many hours..."; sorry 'bout that, Chief. After a break-in period, with both of my EZ, I have fired thousands of rounds, and never had a failure due to the grip safety. I put my shooting hand high & tight, and all works well. And of course there is *no* substitute...
    2. tjaw

      Shield EZ

      I purchased the S&W M&P 9 Shield EZ m2.0 because I have severe arthritis in my hands. It is indeed easy to rack the slide. I also purchased the Performance Center version (could part with the original, or keep it for parts). Many hours of holster draw-fire-reholster has baked the grip and the...
    3. tjaw

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      I carry the P365. I acquired it for its small size and patented relatively high capacity.
    4. tjaw

      Rockville Police host gun buy back

      Er, um, we did not buy our guns from the Government, so this is *not* a Gun-Buy-Back.
    5. tjaw

      Locked Breech or tip-up for a person without grip strength to rack the slide?

      I have the S&W EZ 9mm and the Performance Center version of that pistol, the latter of which has been one of my main MD W&C pistols for several years (I have severe arthritis in both hands). To me, the grip safety on the EZ ensures that I have good purchase on the gun, with a high, tight grip...
    6. tjaw

      What did you learn at your Wear & Carry training class that you didn't know before attending?

      As Stery40 pointed out, the Maryland permit is "Wear and Carry", not "Concealed Carry". I agree that Concealed means Concealed, but we just do not have that in Maryland.
    7. tjaw

      New to gun ownership! (suggestions welcome)

      Roarke, my smallest .357 at the moment is a 4" Python. For potential carry, 3" might be a better choice. But be aware, the shorter that barrel gets, the more the power drops. The Colts are pricy. Ruger makes some excellent .357s at a very good price points. And the Rugers are built like tanks...
    8. tjaw

      New to gun ownership! (suggestions welcome)

      Roarke, welcome aboard! I am just offering an alternate opinion to Ammo Jon's post: I would rather have 6 rounds of .357 Magnum than 10 rounds of 9mm.
    9. tjaw

      Hogan Addresses G and S!!!

      Note that this changes nothing for those who already have MD Wear and Carry permits.
    10. tjaw

      Governor Hogan Suspends "Good and Substantial"

      Folks, Gov. Hogan just suspended "Good & Substantial" requirement for the Maryland Wear and Carry Permit.
    11. tjaw

      Maryland CCW Application via MDSP Portal

      We've waited so long, and now have an outstanding, clearly articulated decision by SCOTUS. Our right to defend ourselves does not end at our doorstep. We are so close to "shall issue" in MD. MD will drag its feet, but will eventually have to comply. I strongly suggest waiting a while longer to...
    12. tjaw

      Post-McDonald Second Amendment Cases

      SCOTUS ruling on Bruen is published! "..the Second and Fourteenth Amendments protect an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.” Full ruling is in the attached.
    13. tjaw

      Illegal to USE mags larger than 10 in MD?

      In the hypothetical, the Seller did an Oops when selling a pair of (unblocked) 17 rounds mags. Question: Does being a Patron Member of the NRA make me a terr-ist?
    14. tjaw

      Illegal to USE mags larger than 10 in MD?

      So, a hypothetical situation regarding magazines with a higher capacity than 10 rounds: If I buy, say a Glock 17 in Maryland, and I find that the case includes two 17 round magazines, I should...?
    15. tjaw

      Best SHTF firearms solution for the elderly

      Keep it simple... For a first gun, I might recommend a wheel gun or a short barreled 12 gauge. Good wheel guns could be Ruger SP-101, or any of S&W/Colt revolvers in .38 SP . A good shotgun could be a Mossberg M590A with Low Recoil defensive 00 buckshot. But bottom line, there are many...
    16. tjaw

      What has the worst recoil that you've ever shot?

      For me, that would be pulling both triggers on a 12 gauge shotgun with full-tilt boogie shells. 8)
    17. tjaw

      MD Handgun Permit Holder Arrested

      There is a lot of information that is not in the article. But I wonder what the guy was doing kitting up before he knew he would be drinking alcohol.
    18. tjaw

      Is a 22LR or 25ACP Better for SELF-DEFENCE?

      We are drifting from the original questions a bit, but... I do carry in MD, and I do have a Ruger LCP .380. I might buy the LCP II in .22LR for reasons already cited, but there is no question which version I would carry - it's the .380. I carry the LCP II .380 in the summer, as this...
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