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    1. rsj1231

      Feedback posted by rsj1231 on 1time

      Recommended. Good communication, easy to plan a meet, and he arrived on time. Item was in perfect condition.
    2. rsj1231

      Feedback posted by rsj1231 on MEGARMS

      Good Transaction with Good Guy Good communication - Would do business with again.
    3. rsj1231

      Feedback posted by rsj1231 on TapRackBang

      Great seller. Easy to work with, all-around nice guy. Thanks! Thanks Raymond for an easy transaction.
    4. rsj1231

      S&W M&P Shield 9mm for $244 after rebate

      That would be nice - I originally wanted a 26 but this is much cheaper. Even using my GSSF purchase. I had a 43 before which was cool, and while cheaper than the 26, will still be a little over $400 using the pistol purchase coupon.
    5. rsj1231

      CZ porn, anyone?

      Every time I see a 97 I regret selling mine. Now I want another.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
    6. rsj1231


      Great thread idea! I love watching FPV shooting. My first official competition is in June and I'll definitely have some content then.:thumbsup:
    7. rsj1231

      CZ Shadow 2

      Are you guys going with the polycoat (black grips) or nitride (blue grips) finish? The blue grip version seems pretty hard to find but there are a few places with the black grips in stock. The best price I've found is around $1275 shipped.
    8. rsj1231

      Ballistic advantage barrels? Any good?

      I've used BA and Faxon barrels and will continue to use them. They've been 100% reliable and the only match barrels I can compare them to (that I've owned) are Wilson Combat and White Oak Armament. The BA and Faxon can shoot 1-2 inch groups with factory ammo which is good enough for me and what...
    9. rsj1231

      Secondary sale at MSP barrack, after the approval

      What is the process at the barracks now for a private sale? Do they fill out the electronic form with bother buyer/seller information along with the firearms details or something?
    10. rsj1231

      03/07 Townhall with our esteemed AG, Brian Frosh

      That's funny.:lol:
    11. rsj1231

      77R Approval Wait Time

      Has anyone done a transfer at one of the barracks since the online form started? I want to sell one of my lower receivers but I'm not sure what the process is like now if we were to conduct the sale at the local state police barracks.
    12. rsj1231

      77R Approval Wait Time

      Made a purchase and submitted the form on 02/08 around 5PM. Form updated on the site and said "Not Disapproved" on 02/12 but the status still said "Under Review". Email from MSP received at 6AM on 7th day, 02/15, stating ND and could pick up from the dealer.
    13. rsj1231

      How about some GLOCK porn?

      :lol: I just Google'd Gen 5 Glock and yeah that's pretty much it!
    14. rsj1231

      How about some GLOCK porn?

      Finally grew a set and tackled my first stippling job on my 17 frame. My only regret is not doing it sooner! I'm not completely finished yet though, I still need to finish the trigger undercuts and polish a few of the spots that I sanded. I ended up removing the finger grooves, all the gen 4...
    15. rsj1231

      MD compliant X95?

      Yes, with a pinned muzzle device that is long enough.
    16. rsj1231

      NFA Picture Thread

      Rehv Arms sells a Zhukov adapter, add the extended butt pad, then I think it'll make length. There site says it does at least FWIW.
    17. rsj1231

      SBR w/ vertical grip only?

      Good info, thanks guys. Here's what I was looking at for a brace. It doesn't look terribly bad considering it's a brace compared to some of the other options out there.
    18. rsj1231

      NFA Picture Thread

      Ty - what are the specs of your AK? Every time I see one I want to build one.
    19. rsj1231

      SBR w/ vertical grip only?

      Ah that's what it is, an AOW. The Z5P would definitely be well short of 26" though. Could an AOW have an arm brace attached with the vertical grip?
    20. rsj1231

      SBR w/ vertical grip only?

      I had a Zenith Z5RS and sold it but now I want a Z5P. I know I can't put a vertical grip on it unless it's an SBR, but since the OAL as an SBR won't meet 29" without looking ridiculous can I just SBR it and only use a vertical grip? Or what if I SBR and use a vertical grip with arm brace? I...
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