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    1. J

      C&R/Milsurp 2 Gun Action Match - AGC Action Shooting - June 4, 2023

      I was squaded with Art and Katie today. Wonderful people! (But Katie was scary on that bayonet stage) LOL
    2. J

      375 holland and holland questions

      No negative comments from the PH about the .375 H&H for the Buffalo.
    3. J

      Stuck bullet extraction

      +1 on freezing the barrel
    4. J

      375 holland and holland questions

      I've been to Africa twice. 10 plains game fell to as many shots of .30-06; using 180 grain Nosler Partitions. Including Blue Wildebest, Kudu, and Zebra. I also used .375 H&H on Cape Buffalo and Lion. So add me to your .375 H&H fan club list. IMHO not being afraid of the recoil is important to...
    5. J

      Ruger M77 Light Hit on Primer

      The WD40 will also gum up. You may want to considered another lubricant.
    6. J

      375 holland and holland questions

      What is the intended animal or just target shooting. IMHO it matters if you are shooting White tail deer or Cape Horn Buffalo.
    7. J

      New upcoming book on Vietnam bring back weapons!

      Got mine. Really eager to get reading.
    8. J


      Lexington Market used to sell them. But the last time I was down there was 10 years ago, sorry. They are sold on the market sure as marsh rabbits.
    9. J

      S&W ASP 39 - "First" full power Conceal Carry Pistol.

      They were pretty much cutting edge in 1980's. I did have a Devel conversion of a S&W M39. Similar size, with sights, but no see through grips.
    10. J

      AR15 Barrel advise

      I have. Not in a AR, but in a .223 Remington Model 700 shooting a factory 5.56 PMC. Blew the primer with enough force to have pieces enter the firing pin hole and completely the up the bolt. If you reload all your ammunition to .223 velocities you're not shooting the high pressure loads and are...
    11. J

      Carry ammo

      Recent example was the Kyle Rittenhouse trial where the prosecutor tried to say the ammunition used: FMJ was 'more deadly' or some other BS. What type/make of Ammunition used is not out of the question, If it can be used against you...
    12. J

      Pistol grip shotgun

      They all (without stocks) are considered 'other' firearms. Because of the barrel length Maryland MSP considers the shorter ones as a handgun. The 18 inch barrel while still considered 'other' firearm by ATF, are transferred as a shotguns for anyone over 21. In other words the laws are very...
    13. J

      Pistol grip shotgun

      Not without a NFA stamp.
    14. J

      450 bushmaster

      Yes, I have killed two deer with mine since the SG to straight wall cartridge law went into effect. Midway-USA had a sale on these uppers a few years ago. I specifically bought one and hunt with it because the president and libs tell me I don't need one to hunt deer. Challenge accepted!
    15. J

      Smith to cut and thread r700 ?

      Ed Harren. On the sight as DocEd. Our I-70 in Ijamsville. He does fantastic work. He's done 3 so far for me.
    16. J

      Maryland Arm’s Collector’s Gun Show Timonium 3/18-3/19, 2023

      My reading sucks, misread what you wrote. Mea culpa
    17. J

      Applying for a MD state gun dealers license w MSP, what's involved?

      Zoning of your storefront is very important.
    18. J

      Maryland Arm’s Collector’s Gun Show Timonium 3/18-3/19, 2023

      don't know where you are getting your information. The cow palace will be full of tables. People for all over the USA and Europe.
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