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    1. M

      PA non-resident permit?

      I applied online at Adams County yesterday, and got the approval message today. Really impressed.
    2. M

      Best Korean BBQ around NOVA/DC?

      I like So, but it's so hard to get a table. Meokja Meokja in Fairfax is now my favorite. It doesn't offer AYCE, but unless you have a really big appetite, you can usually stuff yourself there at the same price. Meat quality is noticeably better than Honey Pig or Iron Age.
    3. M

      Virginia Election Nov 5: Are the Republicans even trying?!

      That really hurt ... :sad20: I've gone through one round of panic buying at MD. Don't really have the stomach (read: wallet) for another one at VA. Well, maybe pick up a few more standard-capacity magazines before the sky falls.
    4. M

      High speed internet

      Iridium NEXT is not meant for consumer broadband services. OneWeb and Starlink (Elon Musk's project) are both being developed and deployed right now. It will be at least a couple of more years before commercial service starts, though. Both systems are on lower orbits, and network latency...
    5. M

      MD to VA?

      Moved from MD to VA a couple of years ago. Only regret is that I didn't do it earlier.
    6. M

      Sad news, Virginia Arms is shutting down

      I've been to Virginia Arms only once before hearing the bad news here. Stopped by today and saw that most new firearms and other merchandise are gone. People surely act fast here. :D
    7. M

      Let's bash the NRA Range!

      I went there Sunday noon a few weeks ago, and got a lane right away. The crowd started showing up around 2 pm, though.
    8. M

      VA Carry Permit

      A non-VA CCW permit won't help. However, this being a shall-issue state, the process is simple enough. I am not sure about other locations, but in Fairfax County you have to apply in person at the Circuit Court. No appointment necessary. After approval, the permit will be mailed to you...
    9. M

      Eotech 512.A65 - Amazon $369 Shipped

      I never took the 512 I had through extreme temperature, but it suffered loose contact from time to time even after installing the battery spring kit. Took advantage of the full refund and replaced it with an Aimpoint PRO. Never looked back.
    10. M

      Moved from VA to MD.. GRRRR!!!

      My sympathies. I moved in the opposite direction last year. It's been a liberating experience to be able to bring a handgun home on the same day and buy magazines in whatever capacity I want. Oh, did I mention CCW? :)
    11. M

      Blue Ridge Arsenal

      Took my NRA basic pistol course there years ago. I was going to check it out again after moving from MD to VA last year, but found better ranges to go and didn't bother anymore. Well, that's free market economy at work.
    12. M


      May I assume that you like sashimi, too? :)
    13. M

      Fun shooting 9mm AR

      Put mine together a few years back with these parts on a RRA .223 lower: Rock River Arms 9mm A4 Upper Receiver Hahn Precision AR-15 9mm Bottom Loading Conversion Block Rock River Arms Pistol Caliber Recoil Buffer Metalform Colt Style 9mm Magazine It's been a jam-o-matic since...
    14. M

      Any Asian Americans Here ?

      Hi! I'm known as windex at 槍友會. Probably not Greek. Looks like Chinese to me. :D
    15. M

      Any Asian Americans Here ?

      Cool! I've seen Chiang Kai-shek on live TV. That also shows my age. :D
    16. M

      Any Asian Americans Here ?

      First-generation immigrant from Taiwan.
    17. M


      huan ying!
    18. M

      Long Distance Rifle Ranges

      The rifle range at Mifflin County Sportsmen's Association goes up to 1,000 yards. Though membership is required to shoot, it is easy to apply and maintain.
    19. M

      The Machine Gun Nest membership card

      Took my family there last Sunday. The range is clean and bright, the staff professional yet friendly. It was a great experience all throughout. Definitely worth the longer drive from Rockville.
    20. M

      Rem 223 for .29 a round, shipped with ammo can

      These are made in Taiwan by the 205th Arsenal as an OEM order. From what I heard, powder and primer were supplied by the customer. Bullet and brass are pretty much the same as Taiwan's military ammo except for the headstamp. Being from Taiwan myself, of course I bought a case when it was...
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