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    1. Johnnyeastside

      Ruger 22/45 mags...PLEASE

      I need 3-4 MkIII 22/45 mags. They used to retail for about $19. I won't pay $40-50 for a mag. Can anyone here get them for a reasonable price? In stock or order?
    2. Johnnyeastside

      Need Glock 21 and Ruger 22/45 mags

      Thanks. I ordered some. $35 isn't cheap but it's better than $50 and they were in stock, so....oh well.
    3. Johnnyeastside

      Need Glock 21 and Ruger 22/45 mags

      Anyone holding? Looking to get 2 Glock mags and 3 Ruger Mklll mags, reasonably priced. Thanks!
    4. Johnnyeastside

      Problem with Ruger 22/45

      Getting the sear and spring back in place will take some patience.
    5. Johnnyeastside

      Problem with Ruger 22/45

      It's been awhile, but when I first got mine I had some problem, probably similar. The fix was to push out the sear pin and it freed things up enough to remove the main spring housing (the 1st step to disassembly) I think it had to do with the hammer position during reassembly, which is most...
    6. Johnnyeastside

      Carpool or buses?

      Are there any carpools or buses coming from N Balt Co going down tomorrow. I took the day off but my buddy backed out. I'd like to avoid parking and traffic. I'm in Pa and come down 83 usually, but could also get over to 95 in Harf co.
    7. Johnnyeastside

      Glock Connector Question

      I smoothed out that little hump and did a little more to the edge of the trigger bar, removing the rest of the stamping marks. Feels a lot better now (dry fire).
    8. Johnnyeastside

      Glock Connector Question

      Thanks guys. I'll do some work and see what happens.
    9. Johnnyeastside

      Glock Connector Question

      Byf43, I did polish it a bit, but I'll double check it. My initial thought was this area in the connector because its shiny from contacting the trigger bar.
    10. Johnnyeastside

      Glock Connector Question

      I did the 25 cent trigger job a while back, I got my money's worth. Feels a tiny bit nicer. But now (maybe before too?) I can feel this area of the connector during take-up. My initial thought is to smooth it out, but just wanted to make sure I'm not making the wrong move. I noticed in pics of...
    11. Johnnyeastside

      Feedback posted by Johnnyeastside on Jbbtwb

      Good seller
    12. Johnnyeastside

      Anyone live near Winterstown??

      That sounds really cool. I encourage my wife and stepdaughter to go with me whenever I go shooting. They would love this. I would do it right now if I had the cash. Times are tight right now, esp w the holidays coming up. But I will keep it in mind after all the holiday bs. After dues, are...
    13. Johnnyeastside

      Anyone live near Winterstown??

      Thanks for the replies everyone.
    14. Johnnyeastside

      Anyone live near Winterstown??

      We moved up here last winter. The place we live is surrounded by 100's of acres of corn fields, but we live on 2-3 acres on the top of a hill. I can here gun shots in all directions, but we can't shoot cause it just wouldn't be safe. I want to find a place really close to shoot. I belong to...
    15. Johnnyeastside

      Delta Peach Bottom steel shoot

      Anyone have pictures?
    16. Johnnyeastside

      Delta Peach Bottom Fish & Game Steel Match

      That was a lot of fun today! Thanks to the RO's, they did a good job. I gotta get to more of these. I was struggling with some of those targets, definitely need more than 100 rounds! I snapped a few pics while I was writing times.
    17. Johnnyeastside

      Picked up the 22/45 today!!

      Google SlingShot Mod. I love my 22/45.
    18. Johnnyeastside

      Suzuki LT-50A quad repair

      I'd also be happy to help. I commute White Marsh-Abingdon every day, and often cut through KVille when I'm riding. Refer to post "johnnyeastside cycle repair" if you want . I agree with the previous posts, but sometimes you need to go deep in a really clogged carb, especially with the newer...
    19. Johnnyeastside

      Help get my buddy's 22/45 working!

      I love my 22/45!! I practiced complete disassembly. It was frustrating at first, but now it is no problem for me. I got mine jammed up pretty good and ended up removing the sear pin and that allowed me to get it apart, to get it back together correctly. When going together, the exact...
    20. Johnnyeastside

      22/45 fires as I reset trigger

      I'm with you, but: The over travel screw wasn't set that aggressively, neither was the pre travel. Also, the sear had that line on it since it was new, it just wasn't as defined. It didn't go all the was across the surface either, almost like contact was a little crooked. But now the mark is...
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