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    1. D

      Howling point park

      NRP keep a boat there so are in and out a lot.
    2. D

      Big Game lotteries 2023

      Still possible to do a RELATIVELY inexpensive DIY hunt, although with the price of tags ( and everything else!) these days.... No local contacts for any of these. Have hunted moose, antelope, deer, gators, etc out of state, successfully and unguided, and don't think I've topped $1000 on any...
    3. D

      Big Game lotteries 2023

      CO and WY, plus a few others, but with winter mortality estimates of 50-80% in some parts, expecting # of tags to get SLASHED for next few years
    4. D

      Biting/Possible Killer Sika Deer

      It's got big teeth!!!
    5. D

      Ammo prices at Walmart on the rise!

      Dropped to $18.97 in a couple SoMD stores too. So if you are in an area where the price has increased, THANKS FOR SUBSIDIZING US! ( Payback for 301/Nice bridge toll subsidizing rest of state...) OMC 2 stroke oil is also 20% cheaper per ounce in the 16 oz bottles vs the gallon jugs. Been OOS...
    6. D

      2024 trout season looks slim.

      Well, if I was the employee that screwed up, that's how I'd make it sound too! "Was good when I left!" That's what, less than 10% of annual stocking?
    7. D

      Maryland Appleseed 2023 Thread

      Thanks! Did the regular Appleseed a decade + ago. Might do again, or maybe pistol event this time. Not any in Southern MD anymore? Sanners Lakes used to host, as well as St Charles SC ar the now defunct Middleton facility.
    8. D

      MD nature pics thread

    9. D

      Natchez No Hazmat Deal

      No Hazmat fees. Hazmat fee would be in addition to $19 shipping.
    10. D

      How to add HQL to Carry Permit?

      Think we were still part of America back then.
    11. D

      Crossbow help...

      Bought my wife a used Excalibur Vixen off eBay about 10 years ago, for $175. Simple recurve X bow. I've killed a lot of deer with it. Funny thing, kills them just as dead as my buddy's $1500 X bow, but he does take much longer shots/ high fps/ flatter trajectory.
    12. D

      Good resource on Washington state hunting laws?

      Check out a YouTube channel called Samong Outdoors. Kid kills a LOT of deer, turkey, bear, elk in WA on public, as well as neighboring states as a non res. Go back 4 or 5 years, his earlier stuff is way better than last few years.
    13. D

      Who's getting in some fishing?

      Tried Allen's Fresh for YP today, no luck. So went and caught bluecats, lol.
    14. D

      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      Theoretical question IF I were to take a solid block of aluminum and start whittling some off, at what point does it need to be serialized?
    15. D

      2023 crab limits set

      Sorry I wasn't clear. Stopping female harvest alone will NOT help pop, IF males/ sperm is what is limiting them. Need a simultaneous increase in male pop as well, to successfully service those females.
    16. D

      Shirt Tucked In Carry

      LOL, I don't go much of anywhere I need to be tucked. Or even a shirt, for that matter...
    17. D

      FN 509C 9mm Pistol 4.3" 12+1/24+1

      Shoots well but not that small.
    18. D

      2023 crab limits set

      I Was one bushel per rec license, two bushel per boat if TWO on board licensed. So one total now, regardless of # licenses on board. And this is only thru June, so suspect more cuts in July. Why isn't the non res crabbing license $100? Or more? Talking to YOU, Pennsylvania. Lol, SC wants...
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