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    1. robkrik

      Nearest store selling more than 10 rnd mags just over the line

      I second Precision Firearms... as a bonus Hafers new location is right down the street.
    2. robkrik

      Hafer’s second location!

      Living in MD, having Hafers open in WV was the best decision ever. No tax, no transfer fee (since you can pick it up in the Hagerstown location) and the ability to get >10 round mags. Add the fact that the staff is friendly and helpful is a big plus.
    3. robkrik

      Feedback posted by robkrik on Meditator

      Good guy, enjoy chatting with him. Hassle free, deal with confidence.
    4. robkrik

      Question about Cresap

      I saw on the website that it is a public range, however it also indicates that you need to be a member. Do you need to be a member in order to shoot there? Or can you just show up on a Sunday and pay to shoot? Thanks, Rob
    5. robkrik

      What classifies a handgun as new?

      Excellent, that is just what I was looking for. My last handgun purchase was in the early 90's, just before the hi-cap ban. Thanks, Rob
    6. robkrik

      What classifies a handgun as new?

      Is there a way that a FFL can verify if a gun is new? The gun is owned by an individual, but it has never been fired. Thanks, Rob
    7. robkrik

      What classifies a handgun as new?

      What classifies a handgun as new? I found a Kimber 1911 from an individual on the AuctionArms site, but the seller indicates that the gun is new, in the box. The seller is not a dealer. I sent the seller an e-mail to ask if a spent cartridge was included and it is not. I understand that the...
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