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    1. oldsarge

      Measuring sbr length

      Thanks, I forgot about the flash suppressor part.
    2. oldsarge

      Measuring sbr length

      Can you put a folding stock on a SBR and how does that figure in with the 29" OAL?
    3. oldsarge

      Para Ordnance P10-40 problems

      I have a P14-45 with a similar issue. I contacted Para Ordnance (Remington) and they told me it had a lifetime warranty and explained how to send it in to their repair services. Came back in a few weeks good as new.
    4. oldsarge

      What is your Omega 13 C&R Purchase?

      Around that time I bought 6 Chicom Type 53 rifles from SOG for $60.00 each and gave them to my sons and grandsons for Christmas.
    5. oldsarge

      Picked this up, not sure

      For years, the P239 in .357 sig was my daily carry piece. I got so used to the weight on my hip that eventully I would forget i was carrying it.
    6. oldsarge

      Father/ Son HQL ?

      I give my grandson a pistol when he turned 21. All the paperwork was done online as a gift by only my grandson and I. He had to acquire a HQL before we could begin the process but once we did the transfer on line, he got not disapproved 7 days later.
    7. oldsarge

      What's going on in St Mary's County? (Biden Signs)

      In the 2016 Presidential election, only 6 of Marylands 23 counties were won by Clinton, yet Clinton won the state with 65% of the vote.
    8. oldsarge

      Concealed carry banned on Calvert County Property

      Yes it was.
    9. oldsarge

      HD for .357

      I looked and couldnt find it, but I seem to recall a thread that started around 2010 that stated 125 grain .357 caused spalding between the cylinder and barrel. I'm old and my memory isnt that good anymore so I might be wrong.
    10. oldsarge

      Holster for S&W model 10 4"

      I carry my model 10 in a Bianchi 7000 size 4. It is made for the K frame.
    11. oldsarge

      Harbor Freight

      Grand opening is May 15th.
    12. oldsarge

      Wal Mart temporarily blocking sales of firearms outside of Maryland and 10 others

      I was in Ohio in July. Tried to buy a Remington 700 at the Walmart there. They showed me the Walmart paperwork that says no gun sales to Maryland residents.
    13. oldsarge

      Maryland AG Brian Frosh leads challenger by narrowed margin in new poll

      Sorry, don't know why my screen shot showed up this way. Marylanders for Craig Wolf A * MDers for Wolf $20.18
    14. oldsarge

      Curio and Relic FAQ!! Read me first!!!

      Thats the same thing I was thinking. I don't think that the local LEO wants to get involved in sending comformation letters to all C&R applicants and renewals.
    15. oldsarge

      Curio and Relic FAQ!! Read me first!!!

      Here is a copy of the instructions. #6 is the one I'm questioning.
    16. oldsarge

      Curio and Relic FAQ!! Read me first!!!

      Just got my renewal paper work in the mail today. This is my 5th renewal and I don't recall ever having to obtain proof that I mailed a copy to my Local LEO. I always just sent him a copy of my application. It says right on the instructions now that you must send proof of local Leo receiving a...
    17. oldsarge

      Calvert County School Safety Meeting

      According to their Facebook post, 1900.
    18. oldsarge

      Layers under breathable waders

      Back when I was an instructor at Indian Head, the Navy UDT guys would wear pantyhose under their wet suits in cold weather to give them a layer of warmth and make the suits easier to get on and off. Seemed to really work although it never occurred to me to tell a future seal team member that he...
    19. oldsarge

      President Teddy Roosevelt's Sporting 1903 with documentation (picture heavy)

      I would think that since the work was performed by the manufacturer, it is not considered "bubba'd" but a factory modification.
    20. oldsarge

      1911 magazines; sorting out the good from the bad

      The only mags I use in my 1911s are the government issue ones with the NSN stamped on the butt plate. Never have had any problems with them.
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