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    1. BurkeM

      Hanson V DC, The DC Magazine Capacity Case

      Here's the latest filing- no charge. MEMORANDUM OPINION DENYING PLAINTIFFS’ MOTION FOR A PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION For the reasons described below, the Court concludes that the District’s LCM ban is constitutional, and therefore Plaintiffs have not shown likelihood of success on the merits. The...
    2. BurkeM

      Private property with weapon screening

      Absolutely nothing.
    3. BurkeM

      Will SB1 pass or fail?

      No. Not in MGA rules.
    4. BurkeM

      Current Moco carry restrictions

      He said that during the hearing. You can read the transcript on Pacer. Case # 8:21-cv-01736-TDC
    5. BurkeM

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Less than 1% of all applicants have been interviewed since last July. Those interviews have been conducted by zoom or phone call. Without questions about your “reason,” there’s no need to speak with anyone.
    6. BurkeM

      SP5 Carry with Permit?,vid:OCDBpGVOKrY
    7. BurkeM

      Possible good news: legislative backlog

      Owe-Malley was much more organized and powerful in controlling the old MGA leaders. Moore is still rearranging the furniture in the Mansion and hasn’t been involved in backing any single bill. Remember as well that there is no companion bill in the House.
    8. BurkeM

      Which one M44 or T53

      My post was to the recent readers.
    9. BurkeM

      Fair price on an ugly shooter Garand
    10. BurkeM

      Which one M44 or T53

      Spend $30 and get your C&R.
    11. BurkeM

      Mag carriers for 3 glock .40 cal mags

      There is another threat about the manpurse as a carry system. You may wish to consider that. Otherwise, I agree with another poster above- 4 magazines for EDC is probably double what you would reasonably need. It's up to you, and how much weight you are comfortable with.
    12. BurkeM

      MSI Board of Directors Election Discussion Thread

      You are entitled to your opinion. “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” (attributed incorrectly to Voltaire) We may disagree on opinions on any of a thousand topics, but mere disagreement makes neither party 'wrong.' Should you wish to discuss...
    13. BurkeM

      MSI Board of Directors Election Discussion Thread

      My apologies- I wish you would have said something then. We seem to disagree on a rather miniscule point. MPD Chief repealed the regulation on magazine limits. There is no longer a restriction on how many magazines you may carry in DC. The DC law still restricts the maximum capacity of a...
    14. BurkeM

      MSP denials

      I agree with Boondock- MSP should be treating PBJ as a non-prohibiting issue.
    15. BurkeM

      MSP denials

      I'm glad you confirmed. Perhaps they've been learning what Maryland law actually says.
    16. BurkeM

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      My regrets, it's been working well for others. Hopefully they'll catch up soon.
    17. BurkeM

      Application progress banter thread

      In the mail the same day, if approved and printed before 3-4 PM. If approved/printed later, next day's mail. Once the USPS picks it up, it's anybody's guess.
    18. BurkeM

      MSP denials

      As before, people who answer "yes" don't tend to have issues if they have no prohibiting convictions.
    19. BurkeM

      Texas judge rules that people under felony indictment have the right to buy guns under the Second Amendment.

      I was reading all 25 pages as you were typing. The Headline is correct: 18 USC 922(n) is now ruled unconstitutional. That's one of the prohibiting factors on the 4473. (see Question 21, b) and d)). Answering yes to either renders the purchaser a prohibited person. 18 USC 922 (n) It shall...
    20. BurkeM

      Texas judge rules that people under felony indictment have the right to buy guns under the Second Amendment.

      For those unwilling to read the 25 page order, here's the meat: The Second Amendment is not a “second class right.” No longer can courts balance away a constitutional right. After Bruen, the Government must prove that laws regulating conduct covered by the Second Amendment’s plain text align...
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