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    1. D

      question about handgun transfer

      I know that if I have to buy a pistol with a hi cap mag from a local store, the store will block the mag to 10 rounds. How about if I have to buy a pistol with a hi cap mag online and have it shipped to a store, will the store block the mag and do the paperworks?
    2. D

      Advice on a .380

      As I grow older, will be 67 in a few months, I notice that I am becoming more sensitive to recoil. Last time I was at the range, I had with me my sig P210, Beretta Centurion, SW 5906, and Walther PDP F. I felt that the plastic Walther was a lot snappier than my 3 metal guns I had with me...
    3. D

      Rockville Used Guns

      I won't be here much longer too.
    4. D

      Rockville Used Guns

      I was also getting interested in the Arex. But I have been looking at the 5906 for some time now. It is the very first handgun I wanted to buy in the 90s. I just could not afford it then.
    5. D

      Rockville Used Guns

      I just put a deposit on this.
    6. D

      Rockville Used Guns

      Ca you post a pic of the other side? Any scratch on the pistol?
    7. D

      Bought a nice surplus Beretta 85

      About 2 years ago, I got tempted to get one of these. I ordered the 'select' model from Classic. What I got was a rusted piece. I sent it back the same day I saw it.
    8. D

      Rockville Used Guns

      How does this feel in the hand. My hand is on the smaller side.
    9. D

      Consignment Guns

      Are the 2 SW 5906 still available? Can you post more pics?
    10. P30SK LEM

      For sale P30SK LEM

      For sale is my P30SK LEM with 300 rounds in it. I bought it new about 2 years ago from Atlantic Guns. It will come with the original box, grips, 2 mags. It has a date code of BG. As seen in the picture, I have 2 P30SK. I also have 2 other P30, a P30L and a P30, both in DA/SA. I just prefer DA/SA...
    11. D

      Colt AR's In Stock

      If someone is still looking, I will have one in the for sale section by tonight.
    12. D

      FN 509 midsize

      Any dealer in the Rockville has one?
    13. New HK USP9 mags

      Question by 'dohc97' on classified ad 'New HK USP9 mags'

      10 or 15 rounds
    14. D

      Sig Porn

      My newest and oldest Sig.
    15. D

      My oldest and newest Sig

      The 210 is 100% original. I just got it 2 days ago.
    16. D

      My oldest and newest Sig

      The 228 is not only my oldest Sig, but also the very first handgun I was able to buy in December 1993. The 210 is just a baby having gotten it just days ago.
    17. D

      Feedback reply by dohc97

      Dave was very professional and a very nice person to deal with. I found him to be very personable. Selling a handgun is unlike selling a camera just because of the nature of the item being sold. Some level of trust must be present on both parties. When it's time for me to sell another firearm...
    18. D

      Feedback reply by dohc97

      It was very nice meeting you in person.
    19. FS - CZ P10s

      For sale FS - CZ P10s

      I bought it new last year. Has 200 rounds in it. It comes with everything that came from the factory, plus mag extensions. Also comes with Vedder IWB holster. No scratch anywhere.
    20. FS - FN 509M

      For sale FS - FN 509M

      I bought it new late last year. Has 200 rounds thru it. It comes with everything that came from the factory. No scratch anywhere.
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