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    1. Maverick0313

      What's a Good Bolt Gun Caliber In-between 243 and 308?

      Try looking at the 6mm ARC. :-)
    2. Maverick0313

      MD Gun Shops - Best to Worst

      Best Local Gun Store For me, hands down, 2A Sales and Supplies in Jessup.
    3. Maverick0313

      Woman's handgun?

      Good Option S&W 380 EZ.
    4. Maverick0313

      DE Gun Shops To Avoid?

      Try Firing Distance in Bridgeville. Veteran/LEO owned. Great shop. I know because I help out there......:-)
    5. Maverick0313

      Updates for UT, GA, OK, NV, Nat. Parks

      Thanks. Good to know.:party29:
    6. Maverick0313

      Another $100 Giveaway

      I'm in! Thanks!
    7. Maverick0313

      Concealed carry

      I'd go with the 9MM....mostly because you will probably be able to hit what you are aiming at CONSISTENTLY. I practice and carry a S&W PRO Shield, and it is a superb weapon. Just my 2 cents.
    8. Maverick0313


      I have the full size and compact Beretta Brigadiers....really enjoy shooting both. Compact is my EDC next to my S&W Pro Shield 9mm.
    9. Maverick0313

      NEW IP!

    10. Maverick0313

      Gettysburg Gun Show May 28-29, 2016

      Thinking about it....
    11. Maverick0313

      Governor Hogan, Change Maryland and CCW

    12. Maverick0313

      CMP is out of Garands!!!!

    13. Maverick0313

      Try again? Back from Mob...

    14. Maverick0313

      Inland mfg. newly produced M1 Carbine

    15. Maverick0313

      Arrest for firearms on Eastern Shore

    16. Maverick0313

      Sig P220 review

      I have a 226 Blackwater and a 227 compact. Only drawback for me is 10rds in the 227.
    17. Maverick0313

      Thank You From Tyler Firearms

      Continued success. Best wishes and stay the course!
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