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    1. DFresh64

      Belly Band holsters?

      I use Alien Gear and they are very comfortable And definitely doesn't print
    2. DFresh64

      Expungement of PBJ for HQL

      A friend of mine going through something very similar. Had a charge 43 years ago that was a minor little joint. Plead a deal to get out and now he is having to get it expunged in hopes that his HQL will get approved. 43 years and a joint!!!!!! Ridiculous
    3. DFresh64

      Your three (concealed carry) gun set-up

      365 Macro M&P 2.0 Sig M18 Each in a different holster, that is how I choose which to carry. Which holster works for what I'm wearing
    4. DFresh64

      Carry permits renewal

      I just sent in my FL renewal, they send you a package in the mail I believe it was 60 (or 90) days prior to expiration. It has a print card in it and the renewal application. You must get ink prints done as they do not accept live scan. The biggest issue you will have is finding someone they...
    5. DFresh64

      Most popular Guns for Conceal Carry

      M18 Alien Gear IWB Holster Perfect EDC for me
    6. DFresh64

      Florida Permit - Use Maryland Training?

      Not sure where you are located but Annapolis City Police does ink prints with appointment.
    7. Ruger Precision Rimfire w/ Nikon Scope

      Question by 'DFresh64' on classified ad 'Ruger Precision Rimfire w/ Nikon Scope'

      What caliber is this? Interested
    8. DFresh64

      8 Hour Wear & Carry Renewal Course March 5th

      What other training do you offer? I am always looking for additional training to prepare myself in the event I need it. Refresher training is always good.
    9. DFresh64

      8 Hour Wear & Carry Renewal Course March 5th

      Thanks, I will ask a few friends to see if they are interested. I'm in South Carolina until tomorrow evening so that won't work.
    10. DFresh64

      8 Hour Wear & Carry Renewal Course March 5th

      Shit, wish I would of seen this sooner. Do them often?
    11. DFresh64

      Florida ccw 2022

      So it's possible Florida is not mailing out renewal applications like they used to because of the new law? Mine expires in May and according to their website they mail a package out to permit holders 95 days prior to expiration
    12. DFresh64

      Florida ccw 2022

      Has anyone received a letter from Florida Dept of Ag with information on renewing their permit? I read somewhere that they send something out in the mail 60 days prior to expiration date. I am just wondering if I should wait for that or just go online and start renewal process.
    13. DFresh64

      Securing a handgun in a vehicle.

      I've always had the console vault that came from factory in all my Super Duty trucks I've owned. They are great for security however the only downside is that it takes up pretty much your entire console. You can purchase them aftermarket online. As much as I like them I will not install one in...
    14. NIB Red Ryder BB Gun

      Question by 'DFresh64' on classified ad 'NIB Red Ryder BB Gun'

      How close are you to the area of worth a sh*t to meet up. I think I would like to give you 50 bucks for it for my grandson 1st ever gun. He is only 6 months old but its about time to start the collection haha I ask about worth a sh*t because it's right off 97 and easy to meet up this week
    15. DFresh64

      One in the chamber

      This might be the best reply I've ever seen
    16. DFresh64

      IWB Holster

      That cannot be closer to the truth, literally a box full of holsters, everything from belly bands to kydex to shoulder rigs and even pocket holsters. One of my very favorite ones is an Alien Gear belly band that has a nice kydex holster built into it. Very comfortable. Have a few Urban Carry...
    17. DFresh64

      Application progress banter thread

      I'm certain this has been asked 1,485 times but I am asking again to make it 1,486... A buddy of mine took HQL class, it is still showing "pending" and the class was done around the 8th of October. MSP completed some of the list around the 26th of October but some of the other items on checking...
    18. DFresh64

      IWB Holster

      JM4Tactical They make really nice leather ones with a magnet that will hold up against your safe
    19. DFresh64

      Retention level for OWB carry to prevent gun grab

      Urban Carry has a pretty decent "click" style OWB. It's pretty tight for my 1911. Its leather and shaped with a perfect curve for a 3 o'clock position.
    20. DFresh64

      Will my Maryland permit be honored in Virginia?.

      Your MD permit is good in SC if you reside in MD
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