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      SB1 (Gun Safety Act of 2023) and SB760 ( Security Guard Act) Passed

      From a semantics perspective it’s referred to as being Licensed Concealed Carry. So how is this even enforceable unless you’re too close. Yes I’m being relatively sarcastic.
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      Odin Works 223 Wylde DMR barrels

      Last time I checked starting with the MD defined specifics to the Match Colt HBAR as a 4473 was that there was an identifiable stamping HBAR on the barrel to alleviate actual barrel widths in consideration of the original Colt specifications. The caliber was independent from the designation...
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      Zastava M76

      This is the guy to contact anything Zastava. He’s the most knowledgeable person on these systems. Hands down. All the info on the net is from him! Go here and call him. Super nice guy too.
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      Form 1 Barrel Length Question

      Don’t quote me on this but I thought your minimum barrel length on a SBR is 10”. Overall length of the SBR is 29” for MD. So if your barrel is 8” and you weld, silver solder or blind pin a 2” break/extension to the barrel your good to go.
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      Tikka rifles

      They are tremendous quality and unparalleled accuracy not matter the caliber. light means it kicks like a mule. Beretta owns the Sako/Tikka/Velmet brand still made in Finland. They are a bit nice in a lifetime purchase meaning you but it you keep it as they are that good. Worth every penny...
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      Fatal Robbery, Shell Station in White Oak

      Just saw this on the news this morning. This is just terrible. Behind this location is a beautiful neighborhood with many other subdivisions surrounding this location with families and children. The location of the murder is a major commuter route to all employment, shopping and cultural...
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      Watching A Guy Open Carrying in JB's Severna Park

      Honestly who cares. He’ll be the first to shoot the pentrator opppps perpetrator. Another shot please.
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      Is it lawful to shoot an intruder who reaches for his waistband behind his back

      If you have an intruder that is in your home once they are inside the home they are yours to dispatch. Don’t let them fall backwards out the front door onto the steps or die in your front yard outside the home. Then things will get dicey. Armed or not. If the shell casing is in the living room...
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      Rattlesnakes in Balt Co?

      One was in downtown Alexandria last year! Copperheads are everywhere and Charles County is full of them. Neighbor here in Montg. County had one a few years back removed from his window well and that dude was a figgin monster probably 8 inches in circumference! The hotter it gets the more they...
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      Need majority opinion for CCP in 45acp

      Yes I was deadly serious. Again ladies you have choices. Under Cover (hint) you certainly can wear a 45 and you don’t even know it’s there. Your choice may be based upon comfort utility or familiarity. Many don’t consider that caliber as they cannot tame it usually based upon technique used to...
    11. S

      Proposed House Legislation for AWB

      Political suicide as usual. Let’s make a constitutional right a topic as if it were not inalienable? Stupid+stupid = Very Stupid. Remember just say no to drugs as a political chant look where they are today priority wise? It’s what you get when the sheeple vote for these schmucks.
    12. S

      Open Carry?

      Teratos you are freaking hysterical we could never be in the same room at the same table it would be a laughathon. Our faces would hurt from smileitis from being so funny.
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      Need majority opinion for CCP in 45acp

      I love these which one posts. You should go to a local range that offers you the ability to try out these to see which one you prefer. People tend to purchase pistols that meet their personal requirements such as reliability, comfort, recoil, accuracy, type semi or revolver, etc. But it doesn’t...
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      Walk away if you can

      Walk away is always best and the less communication the better. Why? Because if you have to pull your gun, you must always be prepared with the intent to pull the trigger. Note: Intent.
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      Wear and carry course disappointment.

      Patience always. When I’ve taken a course professionally and realize I’m more experienced and knowledgeable than the instructor I don’t say or do anything. I take the course and if I know that he/she just confused the entire class I just simply ask a simple question to help the others that just...
    16. S

      Atlantic Guns is an A+

      I known them since I was a little boy and my Dad used to take me into the Silver Spring store. Dad is 96 now and the boys running the shop now for many years are just wonderful people. I really like them lots of old like me guys still go there. I have a lot of history with them and Dad knew...
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      Person-to-Person Sales - Shotgun

      Immediate family members are exempt to the gentleman's post 3 above Saturday. The gentleman above is correct. Between non-family members you take to your 01 FFL and do a transfer/DL info to bound books, and then fill out the ATF Form 4473 for the purchaser, then approval, then transfer of the...
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      Beto's on our side!

      This guy reminds me name alone as a total screwball sociopathic liar. Beto the schmuck. Another Dem that makes up unenforceable laws to which they have no knowledge or experience. I rest my case.
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      At least one officer shot in Frederick

      I saw this on the news I hope they know we really care about them here in Maryland.
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      Anyone have a cobbler they trust?

      Nicks shoe repair in Rockville Md. the very best out there hands down he’s done my boots for 50 yrs. Knows how to cut leathers soles lemon peg or brass tack them came do heals he’s done my custom boots. Best at Cowboy boots in the Delmarva everyone goes there. Price his craftsmanship is...
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