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      MSP changes restrictions for Business Owner

      Mailed on 8/07, check cleared on 8/19. Still waiting...
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      Light 9mm target load for IDPA

      I haven't worked up a BUG load using titegroup or 231 but 3.5 grains of Bullseye and a 124g berry's rn gives me a pf of 100 and soft recoil. Just tried 3.5g of sport pistol w/same bullet and got pf of 104 and very soft recoil from a g26.
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      Competition handgun

      Dawson Precision
    4. O

      Crab Pots

      Ridge Marine Sales, next to the carnival grounds.
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      FYI Maine tag registration

      One thing to note about Maine trailer tags is that they have no weight associated with them. This makes them similar to a semi trailer tag in that all the trailer weight must be accounted for in the tow vehicle tag. Up to 20k lbs a MD trailer tag adds weight to the combination vehicle - e.g. A...
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      Crab Pots

      Did you try Buck Courtney's in Ridge?
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      Deb Rey Town Hall - Outnumber the Antis

      How did it go today?
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      Sharpening stones/tools recommendations

      There are diamond belts available to sharpen ceramic blades.
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      Feedback posted by OEH on Tower43

      Quick answers to questions, fast shipping in good packaging
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      Lee Pro 1000 Progressive press. Thoughts from anyone who has/had one.

      My guess is that I can easily make 3 times as many on the 1000.
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      Lee Pro 1000 Progressive press. Thoughts from anyone who has/had one.

      I started on the Lee cast turret press (like it a lot) and bought the 1000 to crank out 9mm range fodder. What alucard said above is pretty spot on. I upgraded to the autodrum powder measure which did away with the chain drive and made the drops much more consistent. The 9mm cases don't have...
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      9mm luger and 380 ACP

      I had one make it through the progressive when I first got it and didn't know the "feel" of a .380 mixing in the brass stack. It was loaded into the middle of a mag and when it fed into the chamber it just went "click". I assume because it wasn't head spaced on the case mouth and wasn't being...
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      Rep. Hudson to introduce Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

      As I read it what you have underlined pertains to the gun, not the permit. The gun has to have been involved in interstate commerce.
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      MSP 77r e-portal goes live 1-1-17

      I thought that we were comparing incremental infringements and disenfranchisement (whether intentional or not) and hypocrisy. I fully accept that the person(s) at MSP who have worked to get this in place have done so with the best of intentions. While I recognize that for me and maybe even...
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      MSP 77r e-portal goes live 1-1-17

      The HQL is legal by statute and COMAR. Nothing about the HQL is illegal under MD law. See the similarities?
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      2017 IDPA Rule Book

      SteveG75, I meant that between the draft and the final they didn't FIX the size. HQ said they made the final size bigger than the draft rules to allow the shield to fit BUG but all the boxes are the same as the draft sizes. I agree the change is a lot from the last rulebook.
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      2017 IDPA Rule Book

      This version only changed the weight of BUG not the box size. Just measured a 9mm shield and it won't fit even with the short mag. I don't believe this is the "final" version yet. I like the sport but HQ brings a lot of hate and discontent on themselves when they rush stuff like this. And why...
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      2017 IDPA Rule Book

      .45 Shield still too tall to qualify as a BUG... :facepalm:
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      Rep. Hudson to introduce Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

      I read "or entitled to carry" as covering residents of constitutional carry states without those persons needing to purchase a superfluous permit. However IANAL.
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