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    1. DutchV

      Case fragments in chamber - 30.06

      CerroSafe is worth a try.
    2. DutchV

      Any decent online sites left for used guns?

      Agreed. It does take effort to scan all the classifieds, though. A WTB ad in the right place can yield results if you know what you really want.
    3. DutchV

      Revolver speed loaders who makes the best?

      I like Speed Beez loaders with loading blocks for range use. Get HKS for defense.
    4. DutchV

      Any decent online sites left for used guns?

      I think you mean GunsAmerica. GunsInternational is decent.
    5. DutchV

      Any decent online sites left for used guns?

      I've found reasonable deals on No auctions, just For Sale postings.
    6. DutchV

      05/03 Attempted carjacking and assault outside Bethesda restaurant (Dog Haus)

      Parents? These kids don't have both parents - that's the root of the problem. Having a Dad would make a huge difference. What's the most confusing day in the ghetto? Father's Day. Sad but true.
    7. DutchV

      Recommendation for a basic set of gunsmith tools

      Some things I use a lot aren't considered gunsmith items. Toothpicks, cheap toothbrushes, cotton swabs and bamboo skewers can be found at the Dollar Store, along with acetone (plain nail polish remover). Mostly for cleaning, but skewers and toothpicks make good slave pins, too. A couple...
    8. DutchV

      Recommendation for a basic set of gunsmith tools

      The stuff I've seen offered as gunsmith tool sets tends to be marginal at best. Real Avid? No thanks. I'd get punches, a plastic bench block and screw drivers from Brownell's. The interchangeable screwdriver bits have a lifetime warranty. Get a couple different weights of ball pein...
    9. DutchV

      The "MD Disapproved Handgun List" makes NO sense...and even contradicts itself

      It's a huge scam meant to deter people from owning guns, and cause delay and expense along the way. Safety has nothing to do with it. It was a lot worse before they removed the model restriction. A 5.5" Ruger Blackhawk was okay, but the 4.75" was not. Even a simple change like blue vs...
    10. DutchV

      Not Not Disapproved..... Who You Gonna Call?

      If you aren't a collector, MSP just holds off the approval until 30 days are up on the second pistol. That's what my LGS says, anyway.
    11. DutchV

      Which one would you buy?

      I don't trust anything from PSA. Too many horror stories. BCM should be solid.
    12. DutchV

      Reply to question by 'DutchV' on the classified ad 'Ruger PC carbine'

      Cooter's in Forest Hill had one the last time I was there. Might give them a call.
    13. DutchV

      Value? NIB Ruger SP-101 3” 22LR

      Make sure you're looking at the correct version. Earlier ones had fixed sights; newer ones have adjustable rear and fiber optic front sights. The earlier ones go for a bit less.
    14. DutchV

      Pin & Weld Issue

      That's a shame, his pin & weld was very tidy. Textbook work.
    15. DutchV

      Pin & Weld Issue

      There's also Morgan at Class 3 Machining. He's done great work for me, both barrel threading and a pin-and-weld job. You do have to send him a pre-paid label for return shipping. Pirate Ship...
    16. DutchV

      Pin & Weld Issue

      Mr. Wilson does a lot of these jobs.
    17. DutchV

      Another Glock 19?

      Nobody here will talk you out of another gun. You can get a police trade-in G19 Gen 3 that will already have holster wear but a low round count. Then you can keep your clean one clean.
    18. DutchV

      Question by 'DutchV' on classified ad 'Large pistol primers & h110'

      Try Zink Arms in Perry Hall.
    19. DutchV

      Henry Rolling out a Revolver

      MSRP of $928 makes it even less attractive. They're betting people will want it over a new S&W, Kimber or Ruger.
    20. DutchV

      Henry Rolling out a Revolver

      They need to focus on their base models before they start making new ones. They pretty much missed Christmas.
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