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    1. R81

      For sale Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest

      Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest. Excellent condition, used only 3 times. Comes with wrench and instructions. $100 firm. No trades. Pickup is in the Towson area.
    2. R81

      Feedback posted by R81 on flintstone

      Super pleased! Very fair price. Thanks Daryl.
    3. R81

      Feedback posted by R81 on flintstone

      A++++ Excellent transaction.
    4. R81

      For sale 40S&W Brass

      Mixed headstamp 40S&W brass. Not cleaned or processed. $25. for 1000. Or $45 for all 2000. Pickup in Towson area. No trades.
    5. R81

      Redding competition seating die

      I was curious about the Redding Competition Seating Die. Does upgrading your Lee or Dillon seating die to the Redding die result in a noticeable improvement in accuracy? My main interest is in .223 Remington. Thanks.
    6. 930 Hornady 62 Grain .224 Bullets with Cannelure

      For sale 930 Hornady 62 Grain .224 Bullets with Cannelure

      930 Hornday 62 grain BT fmj .224 bullet with cannelure. $100. with meet up in Towson. Add $11. for USPS shipping.
    7. R81

      Question on reloading 223 Remington

      If reloading data for .223 Remington is done with a 24" barrel, do I need to adjust the powder charge weights (min/max) if my rifle has a 16" barrel? Or do I just use the loading data as written? Thanks.
    8. R81

      Reloading pulled bullets

      I have some pulled 9mm Brazos 125 grain bullets. I would be interested to hear opinions on when you reload coated bullets that have been pulled. Should they only be plinking rounds? Does the groove mark in the bullets affect accuracy much? If some of the coating is completely gone, is it better...
    9. R81

      Nations Gun Show (Chantilly, VA); Sept 30, Oct 1 & 2, 2022

      Good advice, Thegman. Thank you. The best gun show I have ever been to. It was packed at 11am. About twice as big as York with an awesome selection of firearms.
    10. R81

      Nations Gun Show (Chantilly, VA); Sept 30, Oct 1 & 2, 2022

      How early can you go on Saturday without waiting in line? Website says expect lines until 1pm. Is that correct, or can you go sooner? Thanks.
    11. Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 Riflescope

      For sale Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 Riflescope

      Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 Riflescope in new condition. Item # PST 1605. Some very minor wear to the box. $550 shipped, Priority Mail. Or $530, if you want to pick it up in Towson.
    12. R81

      Gettysburg, PA Gun Show January 28 – January 29 2023

      Does Magman have a large selection? Looking for some hi cap mags.
    13. R81

      For sale 500 40S&W Bullets

      500 40S&W RNFP Blue Bullets. 250 are 165g and 250 are 180g. $40. No trades. Pick up at my house in Towson. Or I can meet you off 695 near Towson. Deal pending.
    14. R81

      Question on Shield Plus

      Yes, Performance Center Shield 4". Thanks to both of you.
    15. R81

      Question on Shield Plus

      I'm thinking of purchasing a Shield Plus with one 10 round magazine. Shield Plus is listed on the Handgun Roster. Does this include the 4" model? Under 9mm Shield Plus, model number say N/A. Thanks.
    16. Lyman Shooting Handgun Equipment Range Bag

      For sale Lyman Shooting Handgun Equipment Range Bag

      Lyman Shooting Handgun Range Bag in like new condition. I had it out the house and to the range once. This is a lightweight case with two side pockets and one front pocket. $24 shipped, Priority Mail. Or $20 if you come pick it up in Towson. "The Lyman handgun range bag is an economical...
    17. R81

      Wanted WTB: M&P 2.0 Compact in 9mm

      I'm interested in purchasing an M&P 2.0 Compact in 9mm. Must be black with the 4.0" barrel. (Not 4.25") Can come with or without magazines. Can be optics ready or not. Message me with what you have and your asking price. Thanks.
    18. R81

      Primer Notifications

      $190 per thousand. Wow, that's above and beyond price gouging.
    19. R81

      Mighty Armory Dies

      Anyone have experience with Mighty Armory dies? What are your thoughts on them. Thanks.
    20. Gun Cart

      For sale Gun Cart

      Gun Cart made from a Baby Trend stroller. The Kolpin ATV grips will hold 2 long guns securely. The pine top board was coated with two coats of polyurethane. It is slotted on the underside so as to fit in the attached steel support. The flat surface supports gun bags and other gear. The area over...
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