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    1. Moonlighter

      4 arrested after Germantown traffic stop leads to recovery of stolen semi-automatic rifle

      If MCPD didn't pick them up I'm 100% certain the Hair Police would have.
    2. Moonlighter

      New addition to the forum

      Welcome, JP8!
    3. Moonlighter

      Louisville Mass Murderer Killed Five To Get Firearms Banned

      How about banning uber lefties? :lol2:
    4. Moonlighter

      Guy assembles AR15 without Bolt. Here is the aftermath

      This thread reminds me of the dude on that put NOS energy drink into the bike's fuel tank, looking for a horsepower gain. The thread launched like a freakin Sidewinder missile and hilarity ensued. Poor OP probably never got on the Internet again. lol
    5. Moonlighter

      MD GUN LAW Q

      :lol2: Pretty sure "Nerf Gun Violence" will be part of an actual headline somewhere in the next 10 years.
    6. Moonlighter

      For all you Beretta fan boys

      It would be great to see that pistola in daylight. Something's pretty off in those pics, almost looks like two different guns.
    7. Moonlighter

      MCPS Clown Show Repository

      Since you're apparently still attending high school I guess you're better informed than I am. Bro.
    8. Moonlighter

      MCPS Clown Show Repository

      Maybe that officer didn't want to "talk guns" with some punk kid and just wanted you to walk away? Your "Resource officers run during a mass shooting" is a cheap shot.
    9. Moonlighter

      For all you Beretta fan boys

      Yeah, agreed. Fully. Me. Want.
    10. Moonlighter

      What's your favorite junk pistol for the range?

      G17. It's not really junk because junk wouldn't work as well and as consistently as it does, but it's pretty damn ugly. For some reason, I can shoot pretty effectively with it compared with other, higher quality handguns that I have.
    11. Moonlighter

      Orioles Glock

      I'm not a huge Orioles fan but I think it looks pretty well done. If the OP likes it, that's all that really matters. The aesthetics (combined with the boxy looking slide) on an all black Glock are boring AF.
    12. Moonlighter

      Henry Rolling out a Revolver

      I totally enjoy shooting my Ruger SP101 in .357 Mag. Not taking the Henry bait for now but I'm glad they're expanding their product line.
    13. Moonlighter

      New member question voluntary drug rehab

      First off, congratulations for pulling yourself out of the dark hole that drug/alcohol use can lead to. Many people are unable to do what you've done and die from it. Enjoy your sobriety and I hope you do well in whatever endeavors you get into. Form 77R asks: Are you a habitual drunkard...
    14. Moonlighter

      Police chase naked man in stolen Adams County bus with dead deer inside

      Does anyone have a position fix on Eruby right now?
    15. Moonlighter

      Tues April 4 2023 - Nasty Brush Fire at Soldiers Delight - Owings Mills

      Wow, he definitely dodged a bullet. Glad he's alright.
    16. Moonlighter

      Active LEO in full uniform asked to remove firearm (Medstar urgent care)

      I'm just envisioning the Karen that told the officer to put his gun in his car screaming "DO SOMETHING" when a dickhead active shooter comes into their facility. With the number of LEO's that have committed "mass shootings" I'm sure she's right on this. SMFH...
    17. Moonlighter

      Who's Old Lady is this? (Dewey 03/19/2023)

      I yearn for the days when women no longer install shrapnel in their faces. Earrings are fine. Can we just leave it at that? :lol2:
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