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      Rimfire can?

    2. E

      Baltimore County PD Gun Buyback

      There’s 5 or 6 AK74 mags in inventory and no ‘74. $300 for them sounds good to me.
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      Looking for 5.45x39 ammo in Maryland

      Click on my name and hit start conversation
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      Looking for 5.45x39 ammo in Maryland

      PM me a number to discuss.
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      Looking for 5.45x39 ammo in Maryland

      I have a 1080rd sealed spam can of 7n6…
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      Ruger 10/22 tapered barrel upgrade
    7. E

      Base AP5 just got cheaper!

      They allow billing vs shipping address mismatch?
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      Squirrel hunting

      Good thread. The squirrels have crossed the line this year my getting into my fig tree. Not having to drain my pcp tank would be nice.
    9. E

      AIM Surplus has trade in 14.5 870 barrels only

      Same as above dirty and some decent scratches. Thinking about sending it to magna port
    10. E

      gx4 ?

      The whole brand is a hard pass for me. I would suggest finding a Taurus dedicated forum.
    11. E

      Maryland Handgun Roster

      It needs to be especially seeing how it was intended to keep handguns away from a certain group of people.
    12. E

      Holster options for an FNS-9? Need advise!
    13. E

      Rockville Used Guns

      M9A1 should have a checkered front and back strap. That looks like a 92A1. Not trying to be a penis just don’t want to see someone disappointed.
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      Local Stippling?

      I bought a G34 g4 for about 1/3 of what it should have sold for because it was over stippled and the mags no longer dropped free. Laser stippling looks much more appealing to me and since it’s more controlled compared to the soldering iron technique your frame risk should be much lower if not...
    15. E

      Garage Door installation

      Need my garage roll up doors replaced. Looking for recommendations. Bonded insured only.
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      MD is shall issue ! Obligatory new gun purchases

      Upside down Pineapple interesting…..
    17. E

      Which micro 9mm to buy?

      Really? Would like to see a pic of that
    18. E

      Salt curing meat..........

      eBay is a great place to find oddball books
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      Shyda's Outdoors Gun Show this weekend

      It’s probably a good thing for my bank account that’s over three hours away from me.
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