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    1. md77

      Not Training. Not Safety. Just Some Wacko.

      Sadly, same time period, we did that too. But I have never seen anything like this.
    2. md77

      Glock Blue Label

      Glock Dealer Locator
    3. md77

      Question by 'md77' on classified ad 'New'

      Do you have pictures?
    4. md77

      I'd Like to Hear Everyone's Thoughts on This

      Yup, was down scoring targets one day, everyone else (including another instructor watching everyone to ensure my safety) was about 25 yards back on the line. All of a sudden, I hear a round go off behind me. Surprised me enough to have me moving and drawing and clenching. One of my guys gets...
    5. Someone make am offer before blessing bundles end

      For sale Someone make am offer before blessing bundles end

      Older but brand new. I went out with this today and ranged some things with this and my regular use rangefinder and found no issues with it. It has a setting that ignores tree branches if you can get a solid chunk of target in the clear and says 5-1600 yards, I have only tried it out to about...
    6. md77

      Feedback posted by md77 on JKM525

      Great communication and an all around good guy to deal with. Couldn't ask for a better transaction.
    7. Bushnell Elite 1500 Laser Rangefinder

      For sale Bushnell Elite 1500 Laser Rangefinder

      This rangefinder is probably 10 years old, but has been sitting in a safe for all of that time. I went out with this today and ranged some things with this and my regular use rangefinder and found no issues with it. It has a setting that ignores tree branches if you can get a solid chunk of...
    8. md77

      Anyone Using the Axil GS Extreme 2.0 Earplugs?

      I have a couple pair and like them a lot. I have used them on handgun and rifle ranges and am happy with their noise reduction once you get the fit figured out as mentioned above. I also use them to listen to books while I cut the grass with the lawn tractor or blow leaves and they work better...
    9. Free Diabetic Pump Supplies

      Free Free Diabetic Pump Supplies

      Ended up with these and have no idea for them. If you or one of yours can use them let me know. 1 box is open and has 8 left, other 2 are sealed. Includes what I believe is the inserter. Obviously no warranty and not offering them for medical use, but perhaps someone can use them for something...
    10. md77

      Sig P365 - Which Model Are You Carrying?

      SAS with 12-round mags and MagGuts internals, so 14 rounds +1. Factory grip mod with Hogue grip sleeve and TLR-6.
    11. md77

      What are First Amendment Auditors?

      Punctuation is all those small marks that don't look like letters. You are right about the whole lack of paragraphs thing.
    12. md77

      What are First Amendment Auditors?

      IMO many of the auditors are worse than the sovereign nitwitizens because they go out to create drama so they can get paid for their YouTube videos. There are some legit ones, but the numbers are slight. Standing outside a business on a public sidewalk and filming workers and customers so the...
    13. md77

      Advice on P226 Upgrades

      I have the Sig SRT on a couple Sigs and it is worth every penny. I don't have the GrayGuns stuff on anything so I can't compare. With regard the short reach or straight trigger there is no way to tell without trying them. I like the straight trigger but YMMV. The short trigger works well for me...
    14. md77

      Shopping process

      I too would start with a class and then go to a local store that has a range. I would probably go directly to 9mm because. 40 in a small pistol is decidedly unfriendly. .45 is another easy to shoot caliber that doesn't get enough love, possibly in part to the love of high capacity pistols...
    15. md77

      This little old beauty strolled through the shop...

      That's really cool. I have no use for it, but think back to all the cool pieces I have passed on and wish I had not. I would keep it just for that reason. In a few years it will be worth a much or more so pretend it's an investment.
    16. Pending Pickup Canon 5D MKII

      Reply to question by 'md77' on the classified ad 'Pending Pickup Canon 5D MKII'

      I have a meet up arranged with someone to pick this up. If it doesn't work out I will contact the next person. Several have replied so if necessary I will go down the line. Thank you
    17. Pending Pickup Canon 5D MKII

      Free Pending Pickup Canon 5D MKII

      Ok folks, Got this a couple years ago at a garage sale thinking I would use it as a backup. Good news and bad. Bad news: It looks like hell and there is no warranty, guarantee, promise. It is a full-frame camera and won't work with most of the non-L lenses. Good news: This week I tossed a...
    18. md77

      How Many Spare Magazines Do You Carry?

      3 at work and 1 in real life.
    19. S&S Precision WL-B001 WeaponLink

      For sale S&S Precision WL-B001 WeaponLink

      Going through range bags and coming across some things I desperately needed but never ended up using. This is S&S Precision's WeaponLink, but is am earlier version. This is a little heavier duty version than the newer one. I see it on ebay for $100 as the lowest price so $70 ftf or shipping is...
    20. md77

      Another win for the good guys

      Too often these days these poor misguided property reallocation specialists are killing people who comply. Is it a win? The intended victim is still alive, so yes.
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