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    1. ToBeFree

      Bald Mortgage Guy Ammo Karma 2023!

      1. sxs 2. BossmanPJ 3. Bertfish 4. Nobody 5. md_rick_o 6. Meatgrinder 7. gforce 8. Sundazes 9. Justemily 10. Djcerna 11. Mondial 12. Mark75H 13. Rseymorejr 14. W.Coyote 15. Rbird7282 16. dontpanic 17. Ted76 18. putneyswope 19. motorcoachdoug 20. Dalebert 21. coinboy 22. XCheckR 21. [Kev308] 22...
    2. ToBeFree

      PTP gets pulled over

      Stepping out of the car seems awful nice of him.
    3. ToBeFree

      Never say never...

      Registration is for taking away. BTW you can have my spot.
    4. ToBeFree

      2 Waldorf Men Arrested For Silver Spring Carjacking, Assault 02/16/23

      How's that no crime bill shit working out Marc?
    5. ToBeFree

      I am a child with a toy… a class 4 marking laser

      That shit is legit!
    6. ToBeFree

      $300 tax deduction for buying a new gun safe.

      I'd take it when I move there later this year.
    7. Coffee Grinder

      For sale Coffee Grinder

      Grinds beans. Two sides, you can adjust sides independently for different grinds. Works great just no longer needed.
    8. Roll Top Desk

      For sale Roll Top Desk

      Roll Top Desk. Chair. Good shape.
    9. Bar Stools - Pending

      For sale Bar Stools - Pending

      Two solid bar stools. Heavy. Wood with metal scroll work.\ Come and get them. $30 for the pair.
    10. ToBeFree

      Philadelphia gun store theft ring caught

      I wonder if the Feds will get involved?
    11. ToBeFree

      Sell old Bushmaster Varminter (heavy barrel) rifle?

      What is this 'sell a gun' he speaks of?
    12. ToBeFree

      Hello From NC

      Welcome 5string from central Maryland. As stated this site is a gem if you just get over the a$$hat$ that populate, well, most forums, and everything is good. Have a daughter in Knightdale! I do love the food down that way! What motorbike you driving? RT 1200RT here.
    13. ToBeFree

      It's Official, moving to America on 12/30/2022

      I do like a Mayberry Pork Chop sandwich from
    14. ToBeFree

      How long will the SHTF last?

      6 - 20
    15. ToBeFree

      Found this site by accident

      Welcome from Central Maryland, Carroll County
    16. ToBeFree

      Morning from VA

    17. ToBeFree

      New member from Syracuse NY

      Welcome from Carroll County Md. I do love me some salmon and trout fishing up your way. Hope you find your gun at a good price. Good luck.
    18. ToBeFree

      New camo - Need Suggestions

      Still using army field coat with liner and pants (camo) since 1986. Same stuff. I've been standing next to a tree watching for squirrels and had two guys walk right by be. They were chatting up a storm. If it's cold I'm in my Carhartt's brown bibs. Seems to work.
    19. ToBeFree

      Love my new Red Dot

      Uh - you need to aim a shotgun? Learn something new everyday!
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