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    1. DZ

      Where to find a metric hex grub screw for a Taurus PT-917c front sight blade (3mm - X?)

      If no luck locally, McMaster Carr will likely have your fastener.
    2. DZ

      1970 Remington Wingmaster

      Looks like it's in great shape and a great family heirloom. Hang onto that one.
    3. DZ

      Bipod recommendations?

      Sometimes, I just can't handle the irony. As far as bipod go, I have a handful of the Harris swivel notch-legs in 6-9 and 9-13. I also, like a moth to flame, bought an Atlas. I just had to know. Someone once said they are a beautifully executed bad design. And they are, for the most part. There...
    4. DZ

      New Software - Report Error Thread

      This seems to have been fixed recently. Thanks for that.
    5. DZ

      A&D FX120i & V4 Auto Trickler

      No sweat. You are welcome to check it out. My old setup was an RCBS powder throw, then would trickler the remainder. For this particular moment, I just used the dippers because I didn't have the powder throw set up. I was weighing out what I thought was 45.0000000 grains (lol) for Varget, then...
    6. DZ

      New Software - Report Error Thread

      Site is regularly logging me out while "stay logged in" is checked. Brave browser, Android. Doesn't happen on other sites or forums. Not sure what's up with that?
    7. DZ

      A&D FX120i & V4 Auto Trickler

      Attached is a screenshot of a test I did once I got the V4. The real purpose was to set up and weigh my existing loads and see how precise I was able to be with my old method. Secondary was testing out the V4. Also attached are a couple photos of my old 505 scale, lighted magnifying glass and...
    8. DZ

      A&D FX120i & V4 Auto Trickler

      I've used mine with H4350, Varget and... Trail Boss lol. Worked very well with the stick powders. Consistently within 0.02 gn. Had a hard time getting it dialed in for 3.0 grains of Trail Boss, but got it to do an OK job, just slow. Quite happy with the unit overall.
    9. DZ

      Getting around to saying hi

      Howdy, Ray. Glad to have you. If you are worried about your post count, I can offer some tried and true techniques: 1. Have an opinion about everything. 2. Tell everyone about your opinion, whether it is directly related or not. 3. Vigorously defend your opinion, even if it isn't particularly...
    10. DZ

      Gun Rack Burtonsville closed down?

      That's terrible news.
    11. DZ

      A rifle for a seven year old… My daughter's LOP is about 4" at the moment, so I have a little time to decide, but this seems like the right pick.
    12. DZ

      The Official Precision Bolt Gun Picture Thread

      Nice! I've heard good things about Bergara.
    13. DZ

      Looking for Someone to Post to YouTube

      (Double post)
    14. DZ

      Looking for Someone to Post to YouTube

      1988 S10 V6 4x4 does sound like a good truck. Interesting story, I was 4 at the time of your purchase, so I wasn't well aware of the marketplace. My dad had an S10 extended cab. All I remember is I used to hit my head on one of the rear windows, lol. So what's your strategy for buying trucks...
    15. DZ

      Looking for Someone to Post to YouTube

      Interesting cover of a great song. Good work! What car did you buy in 1988? Was it worth buying new or was it such a terrible experience you never bought new again?
    16. DZ


      Clevis pin and a punch sure does.
    17. DZ

      Recommend a good 2 person tent

      For car camping, we use the REI Grand Hut 4. It's huge. Plenty of room for everyone and the dog. You can stand up in the thing.
    18. DZ

      Recommend a good 2 person tent

      Linked below is my two man tent. No longer made, so look at the dimensions and select something similar. It's larger than a standard two man, but not a three man. Large enough for my dad and I to comfortably use. One very nice feature is nearly vertical sides. Previous tent had sloped sides and...
    19. DZ

      Class/training to build an AR-15

      Agreed. I bought the clamshell with insert back when that was all that was available. The Geissele RR was a big improvement on that. Now the MI URR is on the list.
    20. DZ

      452 Lux

      Beautiful rifle.
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