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      Consignment Guns

      By traditional do you mean the older PC4 (non-glock magazine) version?
    2. T

      Consignment Guns

      thank you to whoever bought the socom. my resolve was evaporating quickly and my bank account thanks you. that said if they back out for some reason... let me know.
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      Ben Pearson Javelina Recurve Bow

      I've been hunting with a compound for a few years, and am starting to learn recurve as well. I don't think it's easier to kill a deer with, but does feel like it'll be more fun/rewarding as a result of the increased difficulty
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      Consignment Guns

      Selfish question, but will someone else take over the posting updates on here role? Or will we just have to visit in person more often to see what's new on consignment? Not sure if you were the guy I recently got my last purchase there from or not, it was about a month ago so not expecting you...
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      Bambi Whacking 2022-2023

      Cooking doesn't do anything unfortunately, you have to hear prions to like 900+ for a while to denature/destroy them. Kicking over or mowing the shoots (or cutting and eating them apparently) in may/June will stop the spread but not kill back the bamboo. Killing it back takes a few years of a...
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      Garden Thread 2023

      Same here. Deer and squirrels are my whole garden last year so this year I gave up on veggies, put in a bunch of berry bushes and have the whole thing covered with bird netting. Hopefully that keeps the mammals out as well.
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      What's the current best value for a Md legal Ar15?

      Bumping this old post (re-opening the opinion can of worms?) because I am continuing the typical new gun owner path and now wondering the same for a future AR purchase. Obviously the $ from prior posts may be inaccurate now, so wondering about 2023 costs and opinions. I don't have the desire...
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      First bolt action hunting gun

      If you're considering CVA why not the cascade? More of a direct competitor to the Ruger IMHO. I like mine.
    9. T

      First bolt action hunting gun

      Agreed. That's what my 350 is and it's a better shooter than I am by far
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      Did she bring gun to school because she was afraid?

      Sounds good on paper but I don't know of many schools around me that have any parking anywhere off campus/nearby. Seems a bit silly to restrict from leaving in your own locked vehicle.
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      First bolt action hunting gun

      If I was going to hunt mostly in PA for deer I'd get a 223. Since I plan to hunt in MD and don't live in the bottleneck areas I got a 350 legend. Really any caliber from 223 to -06 will do fine for deer out here, so I'd rather have a lighter/lower recoil gun than an -06. This is just one...
    12. T

      Consignment Guns

      Stopped in to pick up a purchase today and looked like the consignment side had a lot of new/different inventory compared to the last round of photos. Sorry I didn't have time/brain power to note many details but the walls looked pretty full, may be a good time to stop by. I had to make myself...
    13. T

      Your K.I.S.S. cleaning regiment?

      Yeah it's pretty dirty(bought used, shot some without cleaning it) but I'm also new to this which is why I think starting with a good cleaning is what I should do/what I should have done when I bought it. I think I need to get past the "thinking it's fragile" stage, seems like any cleaner will...
    14. T

      Your K.I.S.S. cleaning regiment?

      At the risk of again reaching no consensus bumping this old thread with a related question, any preferred clp brands? Or just get whatever, they all do the same thing? I've seen ballistoil and hopped mentioned a few times what about clenzoil? My bolt action 350 is having some ejector issues...
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      Did she bring gun to school because she was afraid?

      I get it that she was "on their property" and it is what it is to an extent because people can enforce their own rules on their property but holy he-double-hockey-sticks, what's the alternative? Can't leave it locked in the car, got to leave it at home? That's not going to work
    16. T

      Currently, is it economical to reload?

      Hoping people still think it's too expensive or too time consuming in the near future, that's how newbies like me get used gear on sale...
    17. T

      Anyone reload for 350 legend?

      bumpng this because i havent found much out about 350 reloading, wondering if opinions/ resources have changed much since thread was last discussed? prices surely have.
    18. T

      How many mags?

      i'm on the too new to answer this question end, but hopefully you dont mind an add- on question - for those of you with the higher quantities, how do you store them? and do you advise storing them loaded vs empty etc. (does this affect the springs and such or no not really?)
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      Garden Thread 2023

      interesting. i was planning on making some 1/2 inch mesh chickenwire "boxes" hinged lids (i have 4 4x8 raised beds they got torn up by deer/squirrels last year). have the chickenwire, havent gotten any further. spending all my free time shooting and such instead of building. i suppose thats a...
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      What's Your Whisky?

      i just picked up (well paid for but am in 7 day wait) a ruger sr22 so i'll go with that since it's my flavor of the week
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