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    1. USAF05

      ATF NFA pistol brace registration question

      in before someone tells you to introduce yourself.
    2. USAF05

      Howling point park

      to include your person?
    3. USAF05

      Howling point park

      concealed means concealed?
    4. USAF05

      Gun Store located in a junkyard?

      Saw they were robbed of around 50 guns this past weekend. Hopefully they catch those responsible and recover the weapons
    5. USAF05

      Ruger American

      have the ruger american predator for deer hunting. love it
    6. USAF05

      Not Not Disapproved..... Who You Gonna Call?

      With the way FFLs are being treated, I wouldnt either.
    7. USAF05

      Secret Texas gun policy!

      Strange that it would be Texas of any state, would certainly like to know more beyond this video
    8. USAF05

      Mil Surplus Store?

      Any particular camo pattern you looking for?
    9. USAF05

      What's your favorite junk pistol for the range?

      Can honestly say i dont have any junk firearms, would gladly just save for quality
    10. USAF05

      House Judiciary to Vote on Overturn of ATF Pistol Brace Rule 4/19/23

      Nevermind, i cant even make it through this border discussion.
    11. USAF05

      "Sensitive Places"

    12. USAF05

      Va. woman forgets she's carrying loaded gun, attempts to board flight at Reagan Airport 04/11/2023

      I got jammed up for a loose 9mm round at DCA. Was living in Utah at the time, not even carrying on this trip but as I lived in UT where you are free, I had bullets everywhere. Metro Airport police came in shut the whole security checkpoint down. Held up the bullet and said "This is considered a...
    13. USAF05

      How do you Mount a Dot Scope on a pistol?

      that serial number is amazing
    14. USAF05

      SB1 on voting list in House Jud Committee for this am 4/6/23 @ 9am

      i applaud you for sitting there composed. I fully would understand a sudden chair flying into the live stream
    15. USAF05

      SB1 on voting list in House Jud Committee for this am 4/6/23 @ 9am

      Clippinger doesn't want to hear anything
    16. USAF05

      Joint Base Andrews Lock Down

      I'll retire soon and procure some land near a base and make it work as a private citizen..not in this state of course
    17. USAF05

      New pistol purchass

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