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      Ammo prices at Walmart on the rise!

      So today I was at Walmart and noticed that the price of 22 had actually dropped.
    2. F

      CMP has surplus .30 Carbine back in stock. $108 for 240 rounds on stripper clips in bandoleers. 2 Per Person Limit

      Sold out now. That was too quick, I’m guessing they are going to reevaluate the 2 box limit as I’m sure they have a bunch of it.
    3. F

      Harbor Freight - Easton

      Yes it is.
    4. F

      Maryland Resident Buying a CMP Rife at the Ohio Store

      One has fillable fields to type it and the other can be printed and hand written.
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      Maryland Resident Buying a CMP Rife at the Ohio Store
    6. F

      Maryland Resident Buying a CMP Rife at the Ohio Store

      Check out the CMP forums and there is a listing for the north store. Sometimes people post updates as to the inventory. Also remember the selection will be better over the summer as they hold the Nation matches there in July I believe. But I recall either last year or the year before they only...
    7. F

      National Outdoor Show

      On our way for the events, this will be the first visit after living here for the last 15 years. Hope the kids enjoy and we’re trying to get there before the kids muskrat race.
    8. F

      CMP 1911's

      Wife just got the call, her number was 35886. She selected rack grade and I was also on the fence. I have a service and wanted to see what a rack is all about. Hope we made the correct choice.
    9. F

      CMP 1911's

      Quick question as my wife’s number is close and not much activity on the CMP 1911 forum as to numbers lately. What was your RGN? Also as stated above as the armors work through a crate of pistols they offer what is in that crate. The range grades they have been offering lately have come back...
    10. F

      Feedback posted by firemanyz on nmcb1gunner

      Bought a few rifles from this seller. A++ to deal with and no issues. Do not hesitate to look at the other rifles he has for sale.
    11. F

      HQL after Wear and Carry

      Yes I helped my wife and initially we selected the wrong drop-down. Went in and started a new application selecting permit exempt and typed in all the info. Near the bottom it asks for your HGP number. Submitted it with no payment needed and took about 36 hours for approval. You can start a...
    12. F

      Need recommendation on first Compound Bow for new teen hunter

      Check out eBay, that’s where all 3 have come from for my kids. You can catch a good deal around $200. But for the most part without waiting there should be some around $275 buy it now. Also check Amazon of all places as one I bought on eBay was actually an amazon return.
    13. F

      Need recommendation on first Compound Bow for new teen hunter

      Both of my kids use the Bear Cruzer platform for 4H archery. They are super adjustable for 20-30” draw length and 15-70#s. Both kids (a girl and a boy) have competed at the state archery tournament with these bows and had good success. I would be 100% confident with this bow being used to hunt...
    14. F

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted 9-12-22 Accepted 9-13-22 NICS 11-08-22 Approved 11-17-22 22HGP-0919XX
    15. F

      CMP 1911's

      Now you need to submit a FOIA to Crane to see what shows up there.
    16. F

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted 09/12/22 Accepted 09/13/22 NICS. 11/08/22 Approved Soon
    17. F

      CMP 1911's

      So what did you decide?
    18. Smith Corona 1903-A3

      Question by 'firemanyz' on classified ad 'Smith Corona 1903-A3'

      Good morning, did you buy this from the CMP or does it just have a stock on it from them? Thank you
    19. F

      Support MDS Karma - 1 oz ASE and $75 gift card GIVEAWAY

      I’m in…..Also thank you
    20. Colt M16A1 Complete Upper (w. DTI HBAR) + Stock & Grip

      Question by 'firemanyz' on classified ad 'Colt M16A1 Complete Upper (w. DTI HBAR) + Stock & Grip'

      Good morning, where are you located at? Thank you
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