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    1. FrankOceanXray

      For sale Parts for Chevy Suburban 07-14 GMC/GM/Chevrolet Fitment

      Fitment for GM/Chevy Yukon/Yukon XL/Tahoe/Suburban/Silverado GMT900. ~07-15MY These are brand new, from the dealer, parts never installed for my now sold 09 Suburban. OEM Transmission Fluid (6 Qts) OEM Transmission Filter OEM Rear Differential Gasket Mobil 1 OEM Rear Diff Fluid (2) OEM engine...
    2. FrankOceanXray

      Doubletap .45 - It hurts so bad!

      Nice work OP. You like it and that is awesome. I Iike it too really!
    3. FrankOceanXray

      Harsh times, harsh food

      There is a caffeine drink native to America thanks to our Natives. Think it grows in NC... Gotta go search. Here
    4. FrankOceanXray

      Medford On Belay first impressions

      Bartering can be awesome. I'm no knife guy but that looks cool.
    5. FrankOceanXray

      Entry Level Office Jobs - Security Blvd Area

      A group I work with on occasion is looking for a "few admin people". They asked if I knew anyone: "that likes to be busy and multitask, it's mostly phone, registrations, filling orders" The classes are safety related and the orders would be classroom materials prep for those classes...
    6. FrankOceanXray


      Cause it just needs one more year for this new program to implement.. this is a marathon not a race.. and shortcomings are a result of the republicans clinging to their guns.. the funding has dropped off.. covid.. that one year was an outlier and we have corrected course.. if the program just...
    7. FrankOceanXray

      the edc WATCH thread

      Well they end up being sub $300 after all the exclusive deals of course.. as there could never be an honest price...
    8. FrankOceanXray

      Trying to be removed from this group

      I've been trying to leave for over ten years. Just found the group here to be too diverse, intelligent, helpful, wise and kind. So I stay around.
    9. FrankOceanXray

      the edc WATCH thread

      Anyone try the About Vintage watches? I am NOT a watch guy but some of their chronographs excite me.
    10. FrankOceanXray

      Anyone have a cobbler they trust?

      Parole Luggage and Shoe repair. Near the Whole Foods in Annapolis. Danners rebuilt there. Purses. And recent a Vera Bradley bookbag for one of the kids. Wife's shoes. Guy is old school and good and very reasonable prices. I'd trust him with anything for my family.
    11. FrankOceanXray

      For sale Weathertech Mats (09 Suburban, et. al.) Three Rows + Cargo - Digital Fit

      Pick up in Arnold area. These are USA made, never gonna fail quality. They clean up like new every time. Great protection for your floor and make clean up a breeze. Work truck, soccer taxi, gardening trips.. all good.
    12. FrankOceanXray

      Boat capsizes off of Chincoteague Bay

      God bless the families. What a horror.
    13. FrankOceanXray

      Question by '' on classified ad 'WeatherTech Floor Liners (09 Suburban,'

      Sorry about that.. $200. Arnold area. Yes. All rows and cargo.
    14. FrankOceanXray

      For sale WeatherTech Floor Liners (09 Suburban,

      Full kit for a three row, bench seat Suburban. Fronts, middle row bench, back row bench and cargo. If you know the American made quality, these are as good as new. Sold off the car. Porch pick up, may be able to meet. Not shipping. Black.
    15. FrankOceanXray

      What has the worst recoil that you've ever shot?

      Kahr PM9. Just couldn't fire that well.
    16. FrankOceanXray

      Opinions needed for book cover!

      Try Let a real artist with computer skills generate a great cover.
    17. FrankOceanXray

      WV Property-Search thread:

      Thank you.
    18. FrankOceanXray

      WV Property-Search thread:

      Any mortgage folks servicing VA? I know this is WV but the property I desire is just over the line.
    19. FrankOceanXray

      Something brewing in my little brain

      But besides that, pretty neat huh?
    20. FrankOceanXray

      requesting police records from baltimore?

      Good luck w/ the expedience.... then again they may be really quick to respond "no".
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